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10 Steps to naturally flawless skin

10 Steps to naturally flawless skin

If you eat well, sleep well, take regular exercise and maintain an earth-wise skincare routine, you don’t need to spend a fortune on cosmetics and commercial treatments. Follow these steps for a naturally flawless complexion. 

1. Keep out of the sun as much as possible

woman sits under a tree wearing a hat

This is the single best preventive strategy to avoid premature aging and the risk of developing skin cancer,” says medical director Novuskin, Dr. Robert Kaplan, DO. Outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat and loose, light, long-sleeved clothing rather than shorts and brief tops.


2. Use sunscreen

Keep it in a handy place—your handbag, car, gardening kit, picnic basket or golf bag—and apply it about 30 minutes before you go out, as it takes this long to become effective. Sunscreens that contain essential oils can be highly effective in this case. Also, if it's hard for you to find such sunscreens, you can also make use of essential oil blends for the maximum benefits. Essential oils do tighten your skin and they come with many rejuvenating benefits. VINEVIDA is one of the leading wholesale essential oil companies in the USA. They can be a nice option for you to purchase oils at the most competitive prices on the web.


3. Eat a diet high in natural fibre


Digestive problems can result in skin blemishes. Good health starts from the inside out, so include lots of fruit, raw vegetables and whole grains in your diet.


4. Try to avoid exposure to your skin’s natural enemies

For example, stress, too many late nights, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes can all play a part in making you look less than your best.

5. Avoid using soap

woman cleansing

Its alkalinity tends to strip the natural acid mantle of the skin. Choose a gentle cleansing oil or cream instead.


6. Moisturise your face every day

As well as minimising the appearance of fine lines and countering flakiness and dryness, a rich moisturiser will plump up your skin, creating a smoother, more even appearance.


7. Drink plenty of water

Coconut water is another great source of hydration

Your skin should contain about 15 percent water. However, in air-conditioned offices where the humidity level is around 10 percent, this moisture evaporates faster than it can be replaced.


8. Give your skin time to rest and breathe

Occasionally, cleanse it thoroughly and set aside times where you leave it free of moisturisers and make-up.Your skin will benefit from the deep cleansing. For best results, do this after a facial or a facial steam.


9. Apply fruit acids in the form of a face mask

face mask

If used regularly, the acids and enzymes in the fruit help to slough off dead skin cells, fade age spots and make your skin appear brighter.

Save money by making your own face masks rather than buying expensive commercial products.

10. Exercise

Regular aerobic exercise gives you instantly glowing skin and it’s also a great natural foundation for good health.

Choose an activity that you enjoy and make it part of your daily routine.



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