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Gift yourself free classes today

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Gift yourself free classes today
Are you looking to bridge the gap between lifestyle and health, and start the positive journey of living longer and better?
If so, then Goldster can help. Our friendly community embraces the challenges, the triumphs, and the aspirations of ageing, through live online classes for all levels of abilities. Classes are science-backed, hosted by industry leading experts and designed for the Over 50s.
"Add more life to your years in 2024 with Goldster!"
~Lee Pycroft - Goldster presenter and psychotherapist
With up to 20 live classes daily, there’s always something to enjoy, from Pilates and Tai Chi to Resistance Training and Dance – there are even fitness classes suitable for all levels if you fancy something a little more energetic.
Or if you prefer, craft your creativity with Creative Writing, Poetry and Art and sharpen your cognition with Brain Training classes and our highly acclaimed book club.
You can even capture some calm and melt into some meditation, mindfulness and self-massage with classes that help to invite a peaceful night’s sleep.
So why not choose to feel better? Join Goldster now and enjoy 5 free live and 5 free on-demand classes free of charge; simply register, choose a class, and click to join.
Be inspired, keep active, healthy, and socially connected with Goldster.

Join for free now and receive

  • 5 free live and 5 free on-demand classes, with full access to daily live classes and recordings
  • A daily email with class joining links
  • The Magazine full of weekly health and wellbeing activities
  • Exclusive online events
Visit to claim your five free classes

How does it work?

Goldster classes are delivered online using Zoom, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world. Just find the class you want to join and click to participate. Plus no payment details are taken upon registration, and you will not be entered into an automatic subscription, so you can join and enjoy in confidence.

What do our customers say?

Goldster has had a very positive impact on my life. It has kept me focused and motivated while exercising. The sessions on emotional wellbeing and meditation have enabled me to become much calmer and less stressed.Norma
Goldster is a brilliant and affordable onestop solution to many of the challenges we currently face with the underfunded and overstretched NHS and the often-unaffordable private healthcare sector in the UK.” Angi

Meet the experts

Our classes are hosted by a range of experts who are highly skilled in their fields. They look forward to welcoming you!
Jude Hirscheimer - Pilates.
Specialist in improving movement. Jude has worked with various clients, including post-operative surgery patients, spinal injuries, brain injuries and people looking to improve their movement and health.    
Tim Harris - Fitness.
Tim is a Level 3+ Personal Trainer an GP Medical referral with 7 years of experience and expertise in resistance training for longevity. His motto is progress, not perfection.    
 Virginia Walker - Yoga.
Virgina is an expert in yoga and pelvic floor health with over 50s and a 500-hour Yoga trained teacher and Reiki practitioner. Her classes will bring strength and flow to body and mind.    
Hannah Jackson - Therapist.
Hannah is a Human Givens Psychotherapist specialising in trauma recovery, PTSD, and complex PTSD. She teaches classes and coping tools for emotional health.    
Emma Trow- Choir.
Emma is a highly experienced lecturer, composer and technical Vocal Expert. She trained as an opera singer at the Royal College of Music. She believes Singing in a choir sparks joy and human connection.    
Isabel Leming- Brain Sciences.
Isabel has worked in various clinical roles supporting patients after suffering from stroke or brain injury and teaches about cognitive rehabilitation and enhancement.    
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Banner image credit:  Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
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