Maximise your chances: 3 easy tips to improve your online dating profile

Setting up an online dating profile can be a daunting task for anyone, not least for those who aren't familiar with the modern dating world. Standing out to potential love interests, among the thousands of profiles on offer, is no easy task. But luckily for you there are a few simple and easy tips you can take today to maximise your chances of getting noticed by the kind of partner you want to date!


1. Avoid listing

One of the most common pitfalls for anyone setting up a new online dating profile is simply listing qualities, which nearly always end up coming across like you’re writing a job application or CV, instead of simply describing who you are. This kind of profile can make even the most dynamic, exciting person look about as interesting as an Excel spreadsheet. So to make your page stand out, talk in complete sentences and slip in a few jokes, anecdotes or personal tidbits. A well-written, engaging bio is a sure-fire indicator of someone who can hold a similar standard of conversation—so avoid listing and add some personal flair to keep prospective dates interested.


2. Keep it positive!

Open-mindedness is an attractive trait. Even if you're not the most open-minded of people, advertising that online is not the greatest way to attract dates. By no means do you need to change who you are, but blatantly putting the things people might not necessarily like about you as the first thing others will see when they click on your profile is not the best idea—and can make you come across as self-deprecating and awkward in the worst cases.

So instead of putting what you don’t like, focus on what you do enjoy and what you might! For example, if you aren't a fan of cities and crowded places why not advertise your enjoyment of calm, peace and tranquillity? For every negative, there's an opposite positive, so why not maximise these traits to make your profile more appealing?


3. Pictures

One of the most important parts, whether we deny it or not, of any dating profile is undoubtedly the profile picture itself. Unless you are an artist, model or professional photographer, going for anything other than a standard shot of your face or body is inadvisable—although if you really think you can do a good job doing something different with your profile picture by all means go for it! For the less creatively minded a simple shot of you smiling and looking at the camera is perfect. A natural, genuine photo and smile are best—look for a holiday picture or one in any other exciting location. Some people include pets in their online dating profile pictures to increase their response rate; if you do go for this option, try not to let your pet cover your face or otherwise become the focal point. People want to see you, not your pets, friends, family or anyone else who might have muscled in on your picture! 


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