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How to make a connection on a date


1st Jan 2015 Dating & Relationships

How to make a connection on a date
When you’re a little rusty in the dating department, it's easy to make the odd faux pas and incur dating mishaps. Try our handy tips to find a more satisfying connection with the right person.

Resist chinwagging

bored date senior
Don’t assume your potential suitor is your bestie. Yet! Often our date won’t enjoy chatting non-stop about our feelings on the latest Coronation Street plot or what Margaret from next door is doing with her gardenias. 
Equally the same applies to you, of course, as you won’t appreciate lengthy discussions on topics that bore you. It’s all about finding common ground and keeping your conversation light and engaging—at least in the initial throes of dating!

Don't clam up 

On the other end of the scale, you may find that you become quieter or more defensive during your dates.
Lower your guard and learn to enjoy the date for what it is by lowering your expectations first.
Once you start to think of the experience as a passing moment in time and not how it will affect the rest of your life, you’ll start to relax and enjoy yourself more. You’ll find this infectious and most likely find yourself on another date.

Banish old photos 

advice good photo dating senior
If you’ve already tried online dating and found it fruitless, try updating your profile photos with warm and inviting images of yourself.
You may both appreciate beautiful scenery and Tom the tabby cat, but your potential date will respond better to photos of yourself. A wide, natural smile goes a long way!

Try a new dating site!

Visit where you’ll find just four simple steps to register:
  1. Create a profile for free.
  2. Find a match for free.
  3. Pay an affordable membership fee.
  4. Start chatting to your match right away! Your new phase starts now.
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