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Sponsored Content 2 October 2017

Football is Great Place For Families To Bond

For generations, my family has supported our local football team and from father to son we have all enjoyed watching and supporting our local team with a burning passion.  

We have spent many hours following them through the leagues and felt every one of the successes and failures over the course of time, so it’s an emotional experience, as well as the thrill of the game itself.  We have made so many friends along the way and there is nothing better than discussing the latest news from my ‘pals down the pub’ so to speak, about what the future holds for the club.

From discussing the manager to the tactics they are using, there are always many viewpoints of how they conduct the game to go over and debate, but these are just a few of the aspects we have enjoyed for many years.  We all regularly meet up and plan our next outing to either our local club or away matches together. There is nothing like the thrill of the live experience in the roaring crowd when we score. Then there is the ever-present the feeling of the ‘red card moment’ if the referee catches onto an issue on the pitch. There are plenty of details in every match to mull over and discuss from all aspects of play. No matter what your opinion, someone else has their own side to voice.

When I took my son to his first match he was overwhelmed with all of the activity from our fans and has loved every moment of the game since then.  Shirt and logos blazing, he loves nothing more than to come with me for the day out at our local stadium, with the feel of the fans cheering along with our local boys.  I even got the other half to join us at a few matches and she has come around to the game since and loves it! Now she is more of an average fan than me.

Show Support for the Local Team Always!

As a family, we love to follow the local team and are invested in every goal and position they can attain up the football ladder.  So on the whole; we are now what you might call a football family.  My son plays footy at the weekend, as well as at school and he enjoys getting down and dirty in the field. With lots of practice and keeping his head up, my son could possibly be the next Ronaldo.

Super Away Days and Cup Matches

One of the best trips we went to has to be the Old Trafford (Manchester) trip where we all organised a coach from our local pub (where we often meet up) and that was a day out to remember for sure. Another was our family trip to the ‘stadium of light’ (Sunderland) which was an amazing game with plenty of action all the way. My boy loved it and so did the wife, who lost her voice from shouting so much!  Best of all we won the game, which is always a bonus as every supporter knows, because of the atmosphere in the crowd. What an amazing day out and trip for all of the family.  

Like most supporters, we always follow the trends, goals, injuries, management, and the latest news on our club and league position. We will always follow the club whether they win or lose, as this is the energy in the match itself.  There is no better feeling of being part of the crowd and having passion for the game, when watching the game and in the thick of it so to speak. That being said, there are times when watching certain teams or players can be stressful.

Family bonding for the Love

Our family all love the sport and there are so many benefits to the game itself in the bargain. Whether it’s my son playing football and keeping fit (off his Xbox) or discussing the latest manager’s hiccups with the lads down the pub, we’re all behind our local team.  We have found this is one of the best places to bring all of the family together and really bond with each other, so would suggest it to any family just for that aspect alone.  

There’s one thing for sure, you will have one of the best days out when you are one of the boys supporting your local team, especially at an away match.  Work off all of the efforts you spent at your job during your working week, to enjoy a brief breakaway on a Saturday with the family.

I would suggest to everyone they become an avid fan of their local club, even stick a small wager on, there is nothing like watching your own local club fighting for the next spot on the league as it’s worth it every step of the way!

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