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What dating trends will we see in 2023?

What dating trends will we see in 2023?
From boundaries and budget dates to staying single, this is what dating this year will look like
There’s no doubt about it: dating can be draining. Factor in navigating the myriad of online apps on the market and putting yourself out there can be something of a minefield. 
Whether you’re looking for long-term love, seeking no-strings fun, or simply want to dip your toes in the dating pool in the wake of a break-up, it can pay to be as strategic as possible to maximise success. 
"While being single and dating can sometimes be exhausting, there’s a lot to look forward to this year"
With the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve long gone, it’s time to consider what dating is going to look like in 2023. And while being single and dating can sometimes be an exhausting experience, according to experts, there’s a lot to look forward to this year. 
From daters getting better at conveying what they want in a partner to physical looks playing second fiddle to emotional maturity, read on to find out what dating in 2023 is going to look like, according to experts. 

Physical preferences no longer reign supreme

While in the early days of online dating, having a physical type was very much a thing, dating app Bumble recently released data that indicates daters are now looking for a very different type of match.
2023 dating trends - woman checking online dating app.
People are starting to prioritise emotional maturity ahead of physical appearance
More than a third of singletons (38 per cent) are now more open to dating beyond their typical physical type, and in what can only be a good thing, Bumble reported that 63 per cent of daters are now supposedly placing emotional maturity ahead of physical looks. Is this really true? Only time will tell.
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Boundaries are here to stay

This will be the year of strengthened boundary-setting, and we’re not mad about it. Bumble reported that 52 per cent of survey respondents set more boundaries over the past year, with 59 per cent stating that boundaries meant they could be more intentional with how they put themselves out there.
"This will be the year of strengthened boundary-setting, and we’re not mad about it"
Additionally, 53 per cent of respondents said that setting boundaries helped ensure they weren’t overcommitting socially—meaning no more small talk at a social function when you’d rather be chilling on the sofa at home. 

Many will go straight on a date

The “talking stage” (actually more like endless texting) of dating is that in-between stage where you’re in constant contact but are yet to lock-in a date. And while this stage can sometimes be fun, it can also be rather frustrating, particularly if your match is hesitant to arrange an IRL meet-up.
“With this in mind, more people will sign up for spontaneous dating apps such as Thursday,” predicts Pippa Murphy, the relationship expert at condoms.uk. “The concept is simple—you match and chat during the day and try to lock in a date that evening. As there’s only a 24-hour window of being able to talk, this naturally cuts out the small talk and allows you to make plans, therefore finding out your real compatibility on the date itself.” 

Budget-friendly dates are in

Yep, that’s right. The dreaded cost-of-living crisis is not only impacting the way we shop, socialise and sweat, it is also going to change the way in which we date. While dinner followed by drinks was once the date du jour, in 2023 experts predict that the amount of money single people are willing to spend on dates will decrease.
2023 dating trends - man and woman on a picnic date
People are increasingly opting for cheaper dates
“As people spend more money on rent, bills, and groceries, it’s becoming increasingly harder for people to go on the extravagant dates they once did,” says Murphy. However, being more frugal isn’t necessarily a bad thing; and going for a hike and making a homemade picnic can be much more fun than a pricey dinner. “You’re either compatible or you’re not, and it’s much better to avoid splurging on a date with someone you may only see once.” 

More people will “choose” to remain single

In today's world, we’re more aware than ever before that there really is no such thing as the one, despite the myth that we’ve been sold for millennia. This means that people are less likely to settle into the type of relationship that society expects from them, and singles will instead explore their options—which is why the average age of first marriage is increasing every year.
"People are less likely to settle into the type of relationship that society expects from them"
There are many reasons for this, suggests Murphy, “Firstly, there are a lot more singles. The number of single people has increased significantly over the years, and this makes it easier for you to find someone who shares your interests and values. In addition, it becomes easier to meet someone when more people around you aren't already attached.”
Additionally, people also have more freedom than ever before which makes it easier for them to explore their options before settling down with someone. People no longer feel tied-down by societal expectations or traditions, so they can choose exactly what they want from their partner and relationship, without worrying about what other people think or expect from them. 
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