6 Tips for handling fussy grandchildren

Reader's Digest Editors 17 October 2019

Potty training guru and children’s behavioural expert Amanda Jenner offers her tips for coping with grandchildren who are fussy about food.

At the age of two, toddlers can start becoming very fussy with what they eat, so foods they used to love and eat are suddenly rejected. This is something the majority of toddlers will go through but what's important here is we try and turn it around. This can greatly affect their behaviour and also their digestive system so it is important we try and overcome this. Here are Amanda's top tips:


1. Involve them in grocery shopping

a child getting involved in grocery shopping, holding carrots

"Take your grandchildren to the supermarket with you, and let them help to choose food that they like and that you are going to make at home together."


2. Keep them involved

little girl adds tomatoes to the pot

"Making snacks or lunches with your little one and getting them involved really does make them become interested to what they are eating, giving them a certain amount of control."


3. Reduce their choices

happy child in the kitchen

"Do not offer them a huge amounts of choice in the first instance but try to include veggies or fruit making it colourful and fun."


4. Get creative

creative sandwiches with faces for fussy children

"Making the food look fun using different ingredients to create faces of different animals, really does encourage them to eat it!"


5. Make dinner time social

grandparents enjoy a meal with grandchildren

"Sitting at the table at all meal times really does encourage manners and routine using their favourite character plates and cutlery, making it more fun! "


6. Get sneaky

a small boy enjoying a stir fry

 "Hiding different vegetables, making them into sauces and mixing it with pasta or potatoes always works a treat and gives them the nutrition that they need."


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