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14 Dads who have got parenting perfectly right!


1st Jan 2015 Dating & Relationships

14 Dads who have got parenting perfectly right!

All Dads are brilliant, but this lot of creative Poppas are taking parenting to a whole new level!

The dad who made his son fly

Alan's youngest son Wil has Downs Syndrome. He hopes these photos will inspire his son as he grows older: “These photos of Wil flying have taken on a special meaning for me as I think about the unique challenges Wil is going to face growing up. I hope to teach him that even with his disabilities he can do anything he puts his mind to.”  What a Dad!



The dad who turned his son's life into an action movie

Hashi believes that "imagination is better in real life", and the proof is in his YouTube channel. Action Movie Kid is a popular channel which turns on kid's everyday activities into kick-ass action shorts. We've compiled his greatest bits in the movie above. In Hashi's words: "My 3-year-old kid is awesome. He gets into some epic situations which remind me that life is an adventure." Top Dad!



The dad who's a real listener

Just wait until they start listneing to Justin Beiber - it may be time to unplug... Dad points all round!



The dad who's a calming influence 

Ktoś Na Przyczepkę and his daughter are so chill they've left the floor behind. And, FYI, no Photoshop was not used. Cool Dad.



The dad who supports non-binary gender roles

Greatest Dad Ever!

Goldilocks is boring, the wolf is clearly the best bit! Outa-Dad!



The dad whose kid is his super-hero side kick

Greatest Dad Ever

When you not only support your child's quirks but join in with them, you know you got parenting down to a tee - or should that be a cape. Super-Dad!



The dad who puts safety first...

"Yes, yes of course you can borrow the car!" Overprotective Dad makes sure all bases are covered... and speed-o-metres. Da-a-a-ad!



The dad who teaches to embrace emotions

Comedian Limmy knows how to get a laugh out of his wee nipper. His Vine channel is full of (often surreal) incredably funny stuff, and non are better than when this little cheeky chops is involved. DAAAAGH-D



The dad who wants you to face your fears

Sometimes tough love is the only way to get your kid to grow up right, sometimes it's just a right laugh. But Dad!



The dad who is innovative in the face of hair-versity

Via Giphy

If Mum isn't around, it can be difficult knowing what to do with all that hair. Nailed-it Dad!



The dad who's learned in the face of hair-versity

Former Dad might have been inventive when it came to his little girl's hair, but when single Dad, Greg Wickherst, was faced with a hair band and unruley hair there was only one thing he could do: go to beauty school! When BoredPanda asked him about his decision he simply replies: “I saw an area that I was lacking as a parent and wanted to fix it, so I asked for help.” That's good work Dad.



The dad who encourages creative impulses

Self declared "World's Best Father," Dave Engledow and Daughter Alice Bee have been photographing themselves in precarious situations for some time now. Dave is one trusting Dad.



The dad who always gets a right laugh 

Best Dad's ever

The Mathias family have not only built a table to house their quadruplets, they've built a house of laughter to raise them, and Dad's in the centre. Watch the video here. Dad jokes all round!



The dad who believes in justice 

Batdad has his own vine channel, where during the his mission to maintain law and order in the house his kids end up in hysterics. Ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-BatDad!


No matter how how creative your Pa' is, we know he's great. Share the love!