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Must visit Italian Christmas markets

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Must visit Italian Christmas markets
Have you ever wanted to enjoy Christmas like an Italian? With a trip to the Christmas markets, you can! Get ready to start planning an Italian adventure to hotspots in Italy with the best Christmas markets. Get in the festive spirit, wander around the stalls, sip on Italian style mulled wine and feast on delicious street food. Andiamo!

History of Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are more European than Mediterranean, but the north of Italy tends to follow more European traditions than the south. Christmas markets first appeared in the Middle Ages and have since become popular in many countries around the world. The winter market was always the largest gathering and included people from communities all around the area, allowing them to come together after a service at the church to feast and be jolly. One of the first Christmas markets in Italy was held in Bolzano and is still held there today. It was inspired by a traditional German market and is one of the best in the country.
best christmas markets in Italy

Best Christmas Markets in Italy

Christmas markets tend to start around late November and run through to the beginning of January. Many traditions from the past are making an appearance at modern markets. You’ll find stalls offering everything from carved wooden gifts to clothes, local crafts and ceramics to jewellery. The stalls are decorated with twinkling lights to get the festive spirit in full swing. So, without further ado, it’s time to introduce the best Christmas markets in Italy.
Bolzano Christmas market

1. Bolzano

Bolzano market is one of the largest in Italy and one of the first markets in the country. Bolzano is the capital of the province of South Tyrol in the north of Italy and is the ideal place to join in with the festive activities. Held in Piazza Walther, the city’s quaint square, you’ll find a large Christmas tree decorated with baubles and lights. Additionally, there are little wooden huts stocked with traditional gifts, garlands, candles, crafts and so much more which gives a medieval feel to the square.

2. Turin

The market in Turin is a great example of a traditional Italian Christmas market and sees hundreds of visitors each year. Borgo Dora market is in Cortile del Maglio and is illuminated with Christmas lights and decorations. Here you’ll find hand painted goods in a typical Piedmontese style as well as famous chocolates from Turin. You can also be amazed by the Luci d’Artista which is an open-air art installation featuring lots of colour and light. With a backdrop of the Alps, it already feels like Christmas here!

3. Venice

Piazza di San Marco is home to Venices Christmas market. During this time the city turns into a small Christmas village with unique décor, lights and lots of cheer. There are dozens of Christmas trees in the square as well as little wooden stalls and visitors from all around the world. Stalls consist of the best treats you’ll ever taste, traditional street food and handmade crafts.

4. Milan

One of the longest running Christmas markets in Milan, Oh Bej! Oh Bej! (translated How Beautiful! How Beautiful!) is a sight worth seeing. The market is held in Piazza del Castello and dates back to the early 1500s where it was originally an event to allow locals to pay their respects to Sant’Ambrogio, the patron saint of the city. Today, there are over 300 stalls decorated with sparkling lights and tinsel selling hand crafted goods and treats.

5. Verona

Verona is beautiful at any time of year but is even more special at Christmas time with all the lights and festivities. Head to Piazza dei Signori to enjoy the Christmas market that graces the square annually. Surrounded by elegant architecture it is the perfect place to soak up the Christmas spirit. Be sure to try the famous pandoro shaped like a star and wash it down with a glass of mulled wine.
Italian Christmas Market baked treats
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