Family photo competition winners

Meet the winners of our family photo competition, judged by photographer James Eckersley. 

Adults winner

Adult's family photo comp winner

Joy Salt from Worcestershire: 
We visit Scotland every year for our holidays and we love the great outdoors. We try to get our children out walking and cycling as much as possible (sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion). The photo was taken on a walk from Glen Brittle on the Isle of Skye up to Coire Lagan in The Cuillin.

They were dancing around on the rocks at the top, and with the mist in the background it looked very dramatic. I think I managed to catch them at just the right moment.

Our judge said: 
This is shot with great skill and technical know-how. All of the elements come together beautifully—the lighting, composition and timing are all perfect. It’s such a joyous image full of life and energy.

I was so impressed with the standard of many of the competition entries, but for me this image stood out immediately for its beauty and meaning. A truly memorable and worthy winner.


Adults runner-up

Adults runner up family photo competition

Elizabeth Meikle from Ayrshire: 
On this particular evening our girls, aged 12 and nine, had a rare sisterly moment that I managed to capture on my iPhone. I love the way they look extra tall and grown-up because of their reflections.

Our judge said: 
The rich colours and striking cloud formations, mirrored perfectly in the wet sand, give such a strong atmosphere to the photograph. Further enhanced by the silhouetted figures seen admiring the spectacle, this becomes a beautiful and dramatic shot.


Adults runner-up

Adults runner up photo competition two

Siobhan Watson from Northamptonshire: 
I feel this photo caught a wonderful moment of my parents on a holiday walk, happy and in love.

Our judge said: 
With a strong use of colour and an unusual composition, the viewer is invited to search for the meaning of this evocative image. 


Under-18s winner

Under-18s photo competition winner

Abraham Smith, 15, from Staffordshire: 
My picture was taken in Nefyn, a small holiday village on the Llyn peninsula in North Wales. My family and I were walking along the coastal path, trying to make the most of the miserable British weather.

The natural archway gave a moment of much-welcomed shelter.

Our judge said: 
This is such a great shot of a great British holiday! A well-executed and well-thought-through photograph. There’s a really effective use of depth of field and the framing is perfect.

The subtle use of colour and tone further add to the effect, and I really admire the way the photograph depicts a seemingly ordinary subject—one that we’ve probably all experienced—but still manages to draw us in.

It’s atmospheric and rather mysterious. It also makes me smile to remember similar rainy scenes from dozens of my own family holidays over the years!


Under-18s runner-up

Under 18s runner up

Holly Bowyer, 15, from Bedfordshire: 
We aren’t your usual family! We were playing a game of bowls and we came up with the idea of taking a selfie in one, and this is what came out.

This picture includes me, my little sister and my mum and dad on a beach in Overstrand, Cromer.

Our judge said: 
This is a very unusual photograph that captures the holiday scene with great fun and imagination. The close crop and dramatic composition works really well, and leads our eye around the various elements of the image. A really good shot that’s creative and inspiring.


Under-18s runner-up

Under 18s runner up

Joshua Beesley, 11, from Kent: 
I wanted to take a photo of my family enjoying summer. When they were eating ice cream, I got them to lie down so I could get an interesting picture of them. 

Our judge said:
Although clearly staged, this holiday photograph has maintained a very natural and relaxed feel to it. The essential elements are there for a really memorable shot, with a clever composition and camera angle. I like how the reflection of the photographer is just visible in one pair of sunglasses.


Meet our photo competition judge, photographer James Eckersley