Why fantasy betting is the real deal

In the real world, Messi and Ronaldo can't play for the same team. Even the richest football managers can't afford their salary and transfer.

But in the virtual field, it is possible. For such experiments, there is a fantasy - an online game in which the user creates a virtual team of football players (baseball players, etc.), whose prototypes take part in real competitions and, depending on the current statistics, gain credits. For example, you virtually buy Messi, in the next round he (the real one, on the field of the Champions League) scores two goals, you check the stats on Bookmaker Ratings - and your virtual team scores points. Notional salary ceilings and limits on the number of players from one club prevent you from taking everyone you want. You have to think about how to manage your virtual transfer budget.

Many media resources have their fantasy platforms: the official website of the English Football Premier League, ESPN, NFL. For them, this is a fun marketing ploy, another entertainment for visitors. But over the past five years, fantasy for money has also gained immense popularity.

Use the time you spend on Fantasy Football wisely

The word “fantasy” in the term “Fantasy Football” can be misleading, since the principles of Fantasy Football and football betting are based on accurate statistics. For example, player value values ​​do not come out of anywhere. They are derived from calculations that take into account many of the statistical indicators of a particular player. Also, just like team owners in real life, Fantasy Football players ponder the smallest transfers in the hope that their decisions will influence the outcome of the game day. They spend long hours looking at player stats, evaluating their imaginary teams, and contemplating transfers. With this volume of data, Fantasy Football is the perfect tool for practicing statistical analysis and improving the chances of increasing profits from football betting.

Use statistical databases

Fantasy Football sites provide a wealth of information that can help you make decisions when placing sports betting: most sites offer information about players and clubs. Thus, in assessing the potential of individual players, we have to rely partly on assumptions, since it is impossible to establish continuous observation of each player. At the same time, Fantasy Football offers factual data on the number of assists, goals, passes and interceptions made by each player. Negative indicators are also recorded here: yellow and red cards, unsuccessful penalties and goals conceded by the team. Also, information about the teams is available here, for example, the total number of goals scored, ball possession statistics, as well as the average number of warnings and penalties per game and the likelihood of losing. "Moneyball" is a famous book by Michael Lewis, which tells about the success of Billy Bean and Bill James - the managers of the Oakland A’s club. They have been surprisingly successful in basing their transfer policy on statistics rather than preference. It is like sports betting, in which experienced players analyze statistics, and beginners rely on intuition or make decisions at random. Using statistics is a great way to expand your knowledge of soccer betting and gain more fairness in your decision making.

Knowledge is power

The desire to know more opponents is inherent in both Fantasy Football managers and bettors. Having the latest information can be a critical factor in the game. Fantasy Football sites provide urgent information on injuries, suspension and line-up changes that can influence decision-making. For example, imagine Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes are injured and may not recover until the next match. If you take them out of your imaginary team early in the week, you can reduce the risk of having two useless hitters over the weekend. However, if they can recover, it turns out that you made the wrong decision and removed two high-performing players. What to do? In football betting, the most important thing is knowing what action to take in a similar situation. If Pogba and Bruno Fernandes are injured when betting on Manchester United to win before their recovery is known, you will have good odds, which will increase your chances of winning, but if they don't make it onto the field, Manchester United's chances of winning will decrease. This information will give you an edge over traders by allowing you to place a bet on a match before updating the odds.

Study players and teams in shape

Fantasy leagues offer players access to information on the site that will aid sports betting, such as detailed help information about clubs and player kits. They are a great tool for identifying opportunities, such as having players in good or bad physical shape on an opposing team, which creates an uneven playing field. If you regularly participate in Fantasy Football games, the information received can be effectively used when placing bets. If not, it's time to sign up and ensure yourself all the opportunities to increase your chances of winning.

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