UK simply loves betting & slots online

The latest years has giving us all plenty of time to spend at home which has giving us new habits including online gambling.

To spend time and some money on gambling online has been a slightly better way of coping these days. Two of the most popular forms of gambling online is Betting and Slots, but what does in fact the statistics states?

Slots online is in the top of the list

Slots machines are just as easy as they are fun! All you need to do is finding an online casino of your choice, chose the most attractive slot machine, place your bet and press play. The themes come in endless variations, to get tired of them is hard. By playing on slots online you can win everything from £10 to million of pounds making machines on of the most played forms.

Statics by UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regarding November 2020 shows that remote slots games generated as much as £3.2bn between April 2019 – March 2020.  

Betting online follows online slots

To some it might be a surprise knowing betting to be generating less than slot games. The latest report from UKGC states that online betting stand for £2.3bn within the same time-period. If we look on the sports where the most bets were placed, then horse betting and football are the sector-winners.  

Key figures for the non-remote UK gambling:

  • Non-remote Betting was the third largest sector generating £2.4bn
  • Non-remote Casino generating £1.0bn
  • Bingo, also non-remote, generating £636.0m
  • National Lotteries ticket sales generating £7.9bn under the same period

Almost every sector of non-remote gambling har seen a steadily decrease, only National Lotteries has increased its revenue the last years. For example, non-remote Casino decreased with 4.0% and the non-remote Betting sector decreased with 26.4%.

Other interesting key figures of UK gambling market

The revenue of all regulated gambling in the UK landed on £14.4bn within April 2019 to March 2020. Even though the non-remote gambling were immediately shut down due to the spread of Covid-19 during the last period of the report did the industry generated well.

The number of regulated betting shops is 7,681 along with 10,098 gambling premises. Counting the number of online (remote) gambling licenses UKGC controls 2,576 different operators.

An industry we can expect to grow even more

The statistics shows clearly that players in the UK loves betting and other forms of gambling, both online and land based. UKGC believes that the forced stops as well as several other issues due to the pandemic will not stop the steady growing of the gambling industry.

Finally, the industry of gambling for a good cause is also seeing an increase with 11.6% which is something worth mentioning. You can buy lottery tickets where your bet contributes to a good cause which make the gambling twice as fun!

A few words of safety when gambling online or non-remote

The growing popularity of gambling can at the same time also contributes to a growth in the risks of more players not gambling safe. To make gambling fun al the way around every player need to know where to turn if a gambling problem or any regarding questions emerges. Do you want to talk about gambling for yourself or anyone you know, go to Safer Gambling and get tips and many other good-to-know-knowledge.

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