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Top 10 Google Calendar Tips to Master your Schedule in 2020


25th May 2020 Life

Top 10 Google Calendar Tips to Master your Schedule in 2020

2020 has got us all unorganized whether it is working from home (reminders for meetings and appointments) or keeping track of time for our online classes. When we stay at home all the time, we find it hard to stay connected to the scheduled things like these. But you can overcome these problems through some Google calendar tips

1. Own your Calendar

With a wide range of features, Google Calendar is often a platform where you will learn the proper management of your hours. One of Google Calendar's best ways to boost your schedule is by synchronizing it to your Calendly account. If linked, you can exchange a customized connection that only highlights the dates when you are free. Calendly scans your real-time Google Calendar to make sure you are never packed with meetings.

2. Manage your Scheduler

Since you can build calendars for as many or as few subject areas as you wish, consider making a separate calendar for your different dates. This will allow you to utilize features like sharing your availability with group or team members while continuing to keep your personal plans safe. All of your calendars can be seen on your own display simultaneously and you'll get a perfect overview of your arrangements, or they can be processed out so you can move on to more important things.

3. Design your Google Calendar

The best part about Google calendar is definitely its customization by the user as per their choice. To modify your calendar’s settings a bit, you can go to the left menu section on the settings screen. It is your tool for optimizing the functions of the Google Calendar. Take a few moments to discover new Setting options or features that would save you a great deal of time and fatigue in the long term. 

4. Import the data 

If you have ever used another calendar app for your regular schedule, it is easy to make the switch to Google Calendar without having to delete your details for that. After you have registered yourself with Google calendar, there are following steps that can be used to load all your current events into your new calendar like importing the collected information from the calendar by clicking "Export" which is present in the "Folder" window. In Google Calendar Settings, select  "Import and Export" on the left sidebar to import the data from the other calendar effortlessly.

5. Utilize the Lab settings

Google prefers to have Lab features camouflaged in its service provision until you discover and activate them. Some can be genuinely advantageous so they are interesting to check out. Click on the Gear icon, and then select 'Labs'. Browse through the menu, and see if you are confident in any of it. Then, pick Trigger, and press Save. They are going to pop up on your calendar's right side.

6. Receive Daily Agenda

Through mailing you a regular email with all your planned things for the day in any given timetable Google calendar will be at your service. Google Calendar can do what an assistant would do for you. Let us tell you how. You can select on your calendars at left in Settings. And to get over to "Other Notifications," you will have to scroll down a bit. Set "Daily Agenda" to email, then you will have everything fully prepared to go.

7. Planning is Easy Now

Whenever it comes to making a decision for an appointment or a hangout, Google calendar will be a good friend to help you through it by assembling all the invitees at one place on time. If they wish, they can join the meeting by joining Google Hangout. all that they have to do is to just click the Hangout button inside the event to be a part of the plan.

8. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts 

You can use a shortcut for the keypad. We save quite some time, and if you fully understand them, they are fast to use. When turning on keyboard shortcuts, you can press the keys to make significant changes to your Google Calendar and operate swiftly through the entries.

9. Post Calendar on your Site

This is one of the many things that Google calendar has made easy for us. You can encode your schedule on your official site with Google, so that visitors can see when to contact and when you are busy. To do so, go to Calendar Settings, copy and paste the link tags on your homepage.

10. Color Code your Calendars

Code your calendars in different colors so that you can clearly recognise where and what you need. If you wish to change the color, swing over the title of the calendar, click the drop-down arrow and choose any color of your choice.

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