The secret recipe for ageing well


8th Apr 2019 Life

The secret recipe for ageing well
Senior doesn’t have to mean boring, the secret to ageing gracefully is to embrace the age you are and continue to take advantage of life with all its endless possibilities. Follow this recipe for how to relish growing older from our friends at LifeBook.


  • A dash of good spirit
  • A cup full of smiles
  • A pinch of spritely soul
  • 2 bowls of wisdom
  • A dollop of relaxation
  • And a sprinkle of love


Use it or lose it

Continue using the talents you have acquired throughout your lifetime; if you enjoy running, continue doing so, if you love baking, then bake! If you stop doing the activities in your life which you have taken enjoyment from in the past, you lose the skills associated with doing them. Carrying on with what you love best, even in a moderated form, will bring your life satisfaction.

Old dogs, new tricks

In many cases age helps us learn better. Wisdom and experience are integral for becoming a knowledgeable and capable person, so then when it comes to trying something new, you are equipped with all the perspective you could wish for, before you even begin.

Appreciate that a change is as good as a rest            

Starting new activities and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is a healthy approach to life, and often it means you won’t get stuck in the monotonous familiarity of a long-term routine. Challenging ourselves is often scary but generally worthwhile. 

Realise there is more time than you think

In 1911 there were 400 people in the UK aged over 100. By 2031 the forecast is 41,000. Once one reaches 65, life expectancy increases by five hours every day. Age is not the enemy it once was. There is more time than you think!

Take good care of yourself

Carl Jung proposed that there are tasks of ageing. Facing up to the reality of becoming older is a mandatory part of growing older. It’s a time to review and reflect upon our lives, preserve our energy where possible and be selective about what we do with our time. Above all, be creative and playful and realise that ageing well takes some work. 

Eat, drink, be healthy and happy

Sometimes all that is needed in life is a pause. Take some time to absorb all the positive ambiences in your life, look around you and breathe. There is so much food to enjoy, company to laugh with and endless adventures to be filled so relax when you can and take care of your health to appreciate life at its best.

Embrace the senior moments

As we grow older, it’s inevitable that we all forget a few things from time to time, nonetheless it is a part of life and not something to dwell on. As Cicero famously once said, “I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money! Old people remember what interests them” In other words we become more selective as we age and the events that truly matter will stay with us.
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Everyone has a story to tell.