The most popular Reader's Digest articles of 2015


1st Jan 2015 Life

The most popular Reader's Digest articles of 2015

We take a look back at the articles that proved to be most popular with our online readers in 2015, and what made them so great. There were even a few surprises!

10 things you didn’t know about the Moomins


The Moomins made a come back in May thanks to a new feature-length cinema released adventure, The Moomins on the Riviera.

This cult classic really kicked off, especially on social media where people gathered and shared to make this Moomins’ article one of the most popular of 2015.



Hoverboards are illegal on the streets

Marty McFly on a Hoverboard

A surprise entry for us. To be honest, we don’t feel comfortable calling them ‘hoverboards’ as they don't hover, they have wheels which touch the ground—it’s hardly Marty McFly’s board in Back to the Future.

This popular gadget was declared illegal to ride on pavements and roads in October via a tweet from the police. 



The women breaking fashion taboos

Madeline Stuart

During London Fashion Week, we reported on some of the models that you might not usually expect to see on the catwalks.

We’re glad that the boundaries of fashion are breaking down to accept all women.



Reader’s Digest podcast

Our first Podcast launched in December 2014 with the wonderful Julie Walters telling us all about her role in Paddington Bear, and her wonderful career to date.

We have been absolutely astonished by the popularity of the Podcast and have come a long way since those early days. Since then we have featured celebs such as John Cleese and Christopher Eccleston.

We’ve also featured bestsellers Jon Ronson and Deborah Maggach.



Is this really the true face of Jesus?

Is this the real face of Jesus?

A late entry but this feature really kicked off on Facebook, seeing some of the most intense debate our page has ever seen.



Terry Pratchett characters we love

Terry Pratchett

In March 2015, we lost one of Britain’s best-loved authors, Terry Pratchett. The fact that this article went down so well really proves his continuing popularity.



Equity release FAQs

With pensions becoming an increasing worry among those who are 50+, we’ve considered what other options are out there. Equity release is one option that has remained consistently popular throughout the year.



Bond Behind the scenes

Bond behind the scenes

The UK went crazy for the new Bond film, Spectre in October. We had a whole section of the website dedicated to 007, but these rarely seen pics of the many faces of Bond behind the scenes proved to be very popular.



The Lion Whisper

Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer

The world was up in arms over Cecil the Lion in July. We revisited an article about the Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson, who has been highlighting the issue with 'canned' hunting.

It indeed isn’t a new issue, but we’re glad that people realised the true impact of hunting and why we need to start treating endangered animals better.



Carey Mulligan – "We have a sexist film industry"

Carey Mulligan in Suffragette

When editor Tom Browne, interviewed Carey Mulligan about her role in Suffragette,  she revealed a few home truths about the film industry that roused the interest of various national papers.



"No child should experience this"

Craig Stennett

In October, photojournalist Craig Stennett visited the Gaza Strip and spent some time with the volunteers out there striving to make a difference.



Trapped wind

Whoopee cushion

OK, we know it’s embarrassing, but it’s a problem that many have to deal with. We’re proud of our reputation at Reader’s Digest for providing reputable advice on all kinds of health issues.

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