The history of casinos: 3 facts you never knew

Sponsored Content 26 April 2019

Gambling is a well-loved pastime and has been for thousands of years. You only have to look at some of the ancient Chinese proverbs, and you'll see hints of how to win games of chance. In fact, historical records show humans have played games for money since 2300 B.C! 

However, gambling in purpose-built casinos is somewhat more contemporary.

These days, we don’t have to leave the comfort of the couch to enjoy the thrills of the casino. For many, this development is hands down the most exciting milestone in gambling history. 

Gambling via the web really came into its own during the ’90s- which is hardly surprising when you consider how low the minimum monetary requirements are for sites like Play Frank Casino. Not to mention, access to the internet has never been so readily available. As such, we've seen the creation of more and more games of chance for people to indulge in. 

1. The Etymology 

Did you know, the word “casino” has Italian origins? It stems from the word ‘Cascina’ which translates to mean “little house.” Centuries ago, back in the 1600s, a Cascina was a small pavilion within the grounds of a larger villa. People would come to party, socialise, and try their hand at gambling games. As the years went on, games of chance became the main focus at these venues, which led to the first-ever casinos opening. 

Fun Fact: The Casinò di Venezia opened back in 1638 and is allegedly the oldest casino in the world. It's still open today and boasts as many as 600 slot machines!  

2. Roulette

For hundreds of years, roulette has been dubbed one of the most popular games to play in casinos. But, how did this come to be?

Well, back in the 19th Century, Blaise Pascal, a respected mathematician, used to use roulette wheels as part of his perpetual motion experiments. From there, this well-loved game came into its own and continues to be a cornerstone of most modern-day casinos. 

3. UK Politics

Back in1828, the doors of London’s Crockford’s Club first opened. Initially, this venue first started out as a gentleman's club where only the elite could come to gamble.

Rumour has it that over the years, plenty of political decisions were made here at this venue. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re thankful Theresa May isn't discussing the fate of Brexit over a game of cards!