The First Letters of Christmas – Create a Family Heirloom

Roque Fernandez talks about his Christmas memories and why we should all cherish those special holiday moments. Discover how you can hold your family's Christmas memories close to your heart forever with The First Letters of Christmas

Memories...we all have a lifetime of them. Many of our memories are wrapped up in childhood experiences, like the many days spent waiting in unmatched anticipation for the arrival of Santa's Christmas Eve visit. I still have my own memories of Christmas from my childhood; memories that continue to warm my heart to this day.

As an adult, I have formed new memories of Christmas that are equally important. For example, I vividly remember that day not so long ago when my young son brought me a letter that he had composed for Santa. Though he was too young to write actual words, all the magic of Christmas he knew in his heart and mind was expressed in pictures he had drawn. I had to preserve his letter as a reminder to all of us about why we celebrate Christmas.

The pure, untarnished joy of Christmas my son displayed through his letter was the inspiration behind The First Letters of Christmas. At that moment I held his letter in my hand, I realised that countless other children were also writing letters to Santa in their own ways. All were hopeful that their letters would reach the North Pole in plenty of time to let the jolly old man know their hearts' desires. I also realised that keeping these letters is important to parents.

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Preserve Those Memories Forever

Writing letters to Santa is one of the special experiences many of us grew up with. The First Letters of Christmas is a unique kind of book designed to preserve the memories of those special experiences forever. The book features a delightful story of Santa and Mrs Clause that families can share year after year.

The First Letters of Christmas also includes a letter template for creating a personalised letter to Santa. More importantly, children can create two copies of their letters; one to send off to Santa and another to be preserved as a priceless memoir. Long after the child has grown into adulthood, The First Letters Christmas will be a regular reminder of the wonderful days of childhood during the festive season.


Spend Time with Your Family

Whenever I take a few minutes to relive the inspiration behind The First Letters of Christmas in my mind, I am reminded of how important Christmas is to my family. To know that my son trusted me enough to get his letter to Santa touches me. More importantly, it reminds me to never forget how important family time is during the Christmas period. Christmas means family days; they should be spent making family memories that will last a lifetime.

The First Letters of Christmas is intended to be as much a family book as an individual keepsake. By incorporating a child's first letters with a fully illustrated story of Santa Claus, this book encourages families to spend time together at Christmas. And long after age has replaced writing letters to Santa, the memories of Christmas magic will still be found in its pages.

Your Own Family Heirloom

The First Letters of Christmas is a beautiful, faux leather-bound book with stunning gold lettering, perfectly suited to its contents. Opening the book reveals delightful prose that tells the story of Santa and Mrs Clause. The story is accompanied by intricate illustrations that speak directly to a child's imagination.

Inside the book is a letter template that helps children write their own special notes to Santa in two copies – one to post to the big man and one to keep. Opening the book, reading, and writing letters year after year will create a family heirloom you can treasure as a parent. You can then pass the book down so that your child can share it with his or her children.

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