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17th Apr 2020 Life

The world has attached an array of different meanings to the term ‘community development.’ Some people consider a community strong if its economy is strong, while some people think a community is strong when the literacy rates are high.

Different communities around the world have unique ways of defining community development. There are many other factors besides the economy and literacy that are essential to consider when talking about a ‘strong community.’ One of the most important factors that the world overlooks is mental stability or peace of mind. A community is said to be strong when there is economic stability, quality academic opportunities, fully equipped healthcare facilities, and low crime rates. These are the four most critical factors that help the people in a community find peace of mind.


There is one person from Niagara Falls that realizes the importance of providing the people of community peace of mind and mental stability. Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise, a resident of Niagara Falls, is making extensive efforts to address the factor that most communities overlook. Not only is she strengthening Niagara Falls’ community, but she is helping world leaders to collaborate on serious social issues to strengthen the global community. 

Finding her Way to Niagara Falls 

Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise was born on October 18, 1978, in Montreal, Canada. She is a descendent of Queen of Egypt, Queen Nazli, who moved to the United States and converted to Catholicism after her son was declared king. Her father changed his profession and move from the agricultural sector in Egypt to International trades. Due to this, Dinah spent many years of her life traveling to different parts of the world, including Egypt, Israel, Dubai, England, and Lebanon. While she was in Egypt, she completed her Bachelor’s in Biology Literature from the American University in Cairo and then completed her 6-year-long post-graduate training from the University of Medicine in Cairo. 

During her medical training, she got married to the son of the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt in 2006. Her father-in-law also served as an acting president in 2013. She was then appointed as the Chair of Clinical Medicine at the Port Said Military Hospital in Cairo. However, she had to leave the country after the revolution. She went to England to complete her professional Ph.D. in forensics and political sciences, after which she permanently moved to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and officially started working on her security firm.

Fighting Crimes and Making Niagara Falls a Safer Place for the Locals and Tourists

Security and safety are two essential factors that contribute to building a strong community. Dinah Lilia is a descendent of Nazli Sabr, Queen of Egypt is helping strengthen the security around the city for the locals as well as the tourists. She founded her private investigation firm, OEIS Investigations, Security, and Protection, in the year 2001. Dinah has established a team of strong professionals who offer private security to rich and influential people. Moreover, she uses the platform of her security firm to address the increasing crime rates by providing highly trained uniformed guards, mobile patrolling service, and event security. With her security firm, she stands at the forefront to fight criminal activities in Niagara Falls, ON to provide the locals as well as the tourists a safe environment.

She uses the OEIS platform to encourage the locals to join her security team and make collective efforts to build a safe community. She says, “…a crime-free society is our collective responsibility.” Dinah believes that maintaining the security of this city is not something the government has to do it on their own. The locals have to make a fair share of their contributions. To help the locals take a step forward in maintaining the security of the city, OEIS offers security guard training, first-aid, hand-cuffs, and baton training. Dinah supports the idea that the security of a city is a major factor when it comes to providing the people the right peace of mind and mental stability. 

The first female to be nominated for the Niagara Fall’s mayor, Dinah, is playing a key role in maintaining law and order in the city. The primary purpose of OEIS is to make Niagara Falls safe and offer employment opportunities to the struggling locals of the city. In her mayoral campaign in 2018, she said, “…let’s make this a world-class city where we can actually say to children, ‘you don’t have to go, you can actually stay in the city and make a good living … today, we can’t say this.” The youth of a community is its greatest asset. By making Niagara Falls safe and secure, she wants to give a reason for the youth to stay and serve their city. 

Collaborating with World Leaders to Address Serious Social Issues

By helping Niagara Falls become a safe and secure city, Dinah is working to strengthen the local community. However, Dinah’s efforts do not stop here. She is working to strengthen the global community through her non-profit organization, Lilia Redemption Foundation. Her organization serves as a linchpin between world leaders and serious social issues, specifically child trafficking. For the last twenty years, Dinah has been working to make the world leaders work together to reduce the increasing rates of child trafficking. Her efforts have helped children stuck in child trafficking in South America and the Middle East. Not only does her organization help children escape child trafficking, but it helps the rescued kids develop skills and gain knowledge that is needed to succeed in school and the professional sector. 

The director of Lilia Foundation, Mary Shafik says, “To make our children strong, to provide safe environments where everyone can thrive, we need to continue working together to ensure our children emerge in the workforce ready, physically, emotionally and psychologically to compete in the fast-changing world of work and aim for success.” Her efforts are not restricted to Niagara Falls but stretch across the borders. She is currently engaged in 365 communities across 25 countries. 

Dina Lilia Mansour Mourise, the founder of OEIS, and Lilia Redemption Foundation, in Ontario, Canada, is making this world a better place through her philanthropic efforts. It is evident that the world needs more philanthropists, and Dinah is one of those who are actively participating in strengthening the global community. The 42-year-old Dinah is contributing her fair share in improving the lives of the people struggling and hopes to establish a stronger global community. 

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