Responsible gambling – How to best enjoy online casinos 


3rd Dec 2020 Life

Responsible gambling – How to best enjoy online casinos 
Online casinos can be one of the best websites to have fun on thanks to their varied games and activities. It is important, however, to remember to gamble responsibly – as all the television adverts remind you – when doing so.
To best enjoy online casinos, you should be aware of game laws and how the games that you are playing work. Always remember that you are doing it for the fun and entertainment value, and if that requires you to set spending limits on yourself, then you should. 

History of online casinos

In the mid-1990s, internet gambling websites started to appear. These were particularly prevalent from the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda due to a free trade act, laying the foundations for the companies of today which spring up in hundreds of countries around the world. 
What truly kicked off the online casino business was the simplification and accessibility of online payment systems. This also took place in the 1990s, and it is no surprise to see that Amazon was founded in 1994 as a result. 
Their popularity grew year on year as gambling became legalised in an increasing number of countries, and the variety of gambling and casino game possibilities have grown exponentially. In-game sports betting, odds on reality shows and the outcomes of political votes, live-action roulette and even the ability to play poker against other human users have all contributed to the industry’s meteoric rise. 

New game laws 

New game laws have made it simpler to gamble responsibly. For instance, in the Swedish market, a Unibet bonus can only be used once per new player, and it expires after a certain amount of time. Online casinos such as these are keen to not only make betting fun but for it to be safe, too, and as they adhere to relevant countries’ guidelines, they help you operate stably. 

Set yourself limits

Many online casinos will allow you to set yourself a time out for if you wish to take a break from gambling to return later and continue having fun. This is recommended by the UK’s Gambling Commission and is a simple way to ensure you continue to use betting websites for the purpose that you began with – enjoyment. 

Remember it is for fun

As betting companies continue to remind you – “when the fun stops, stop”. 
Using regulated and honest online casinos can be incredibly fun, and staying loyal to them will often see you reap the rewards and benefits such as new bonuses or extra spins. However, as with any game, you should only play for as long as you are enjoying yourself. 
Try playing different games if you find you are struggling with one – for example swapping blackjack for poker – and take short breaks if necessary. 


Since the invention of online casinos, they have entertained millions. Game laws and responsible betting websites attempt to make the space as safe as possible for you as the player, but do not be afraid to make your own rules. 
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