Most Expensive Things Sold for Charity


1st Jan 2015 Life

Most Expensive Things Sold for Charity

Selling things is a great way to make money for a charity. Generally, people are happy to donate things for the charity can sell. But, old clothes and board games aren't going to raise a lot of funds, are they?

One of the ways in which charities can make some serious money is by auctioning off celebrity memorabilia, which can encompass anything, from match-worn football shirts to diamond-encrusted accessories. Charity auctions are by no means a new thing, and celebrities have been doing their bit for many years. Here are some of the more expensive things which have been sold in the good name of charity over the years.

Kate Middleton‘s dress


This see-through black dress was allegedly worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at a student fashion show, the same show at which Prince William noticed her for the first time. Kate went on to date and eventually marry the Prince, making her the girl who lived out a real life fairy-tale with a real life prince of her own. Perhaps the buyer of the dress saw an opportunity to harness a little of the dresses magic and find a prince of their own, because the dress was offered up for auction at a Passion for Fashion charity auction and was eventually sold for an astonishing $125,000.

Meeting Katy Perry


Image source: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Musicians on Call, a charity which brings live music to hospital patients, advertised a meet and greet with US pop star Katy Perry, after any upcoming show, as an auction item. Often musicians will charge to meet and take photos with fans, and this is a subject which has caused much consternation amongst music fans in the past. However, this was for a good cause, and the meet and greet eventually sold for $66,000.

Playing with a professional sportsman


This is a fairly common auction item for many charities, as it offers something that those passionate about the sport can really get excited about; how often do us mere mortals get the chance to hone their skills against, and perhaps even beat, a professional athlete? Two of the highest prices for playing a game with a professional were $425,000 to play golf with Tiger Woods, sold on auction site Ebay and $150,000 for a private tennis lesson with Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal. The proceeds from the tennis lesson went to the Rafa Nadal Foundation, which offers a better life for children who are socially discriminated against.

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party


The Vanity Fair Party is a yearly shindig which takes places after every Oscars ceremony. The do is one of the most star-studded events of the year, and many famous people don’t even get an invitation; if you're on the list, you have truly made it. Two tickets to the 2014 party went for $57,000 at a charity auction in aid of the Windward School, helping children with language-based learning difficulties.