How to use the power of the stars for the new way of living and leading

How to use the power of the stars for the new way of living and leading

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9th Mar 2022 Life

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What do Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, JP Morgan, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, FDR and Ronald Reagan all have in common?
They are among those relying on the stars to guide their way. Let the power of the stars help you live and lead in the ways you truly desire.
It’s easiest to use the power of Sun and to achieve your goals and the Moon to let go of unwanted energies and create your desires.

Follow the Sun

According to Kim Woods, MBA, Master Astrologer and leading Intuitive Strategist, you can tap into the energy the Sun lights up every month. The Sun is easy to track as he spends 30 days in each zodiac sign. When the Sun travels through a particular zodiac sign, that energy is available to you.
Follow the Sun through the zodiac calendar and lean into the meaning of each sign. See below for the timing and intentions for success, love and money.
Sun in Pisces, February 18 – March 20
Overall: Imagine your very best life. 
Success:  Use your intuition when making decisions. Connect with others in creative ways.
Love: Be romantic and sensitive.
Money: Guard your money wisely. Don’t loan money to friends or family.
Sun in Aries, March 20 – April 19
Overall: Lead others. Begin new projects. 
Success: Use your confidence to inspire others. Start something new. 
Love: Do something adventurous together.
Money: Invest in yourself.
Sun in Taurus, April 19 – May 20
Overall: Be calm. Take your time.
Success: Recognize your strengths and let others appreciate the ways you guide them.
Love: Cuddle up and get sensuous. 
Money: Open more pathways to bring money into your life.
Sun in Gemini, May 20 – June 21
Overall: Explore everything. Be quick and nimble.
Success: Write, teach or speak.
Love: Be delightful in unexpected ways. Sprinkle freshness in your love life.
Money: Sell your wares. Be persuasive. Use your words. 
Sun in Cancer, June 21 – July 22
Overall: Connect with family and nestle cozily at home.
Success: Real estate, home-based business ideas and family owned business get a boost.
Love: Hug loved ones. Take care of yourself and your family.
Money: Review your investments. Take the long view.
Sun in Leo, July 22 – August 22
Overall: Be seen, heard and known. Express yourself authentically.
Success: Position yourself for a promotion.
Love: Be dramatic. Take your new style out for a spin.
Money: Be generous with yourself and others. Spurge if you can afford it.
Sun in Virgo, August 22 – September 22
Overall: Be practical. Get organized.
Success: Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Deal with those pesky details.
Love: Be kind to yourself. Soften your stance in intimate relationships.
Money: Appreciate your value. Think about asking for a raise.
Sun in Libra, September 22 – October 23
Overall: Fairness and justice. 
Success: Reach out to others to collaborate.
Love: Get serious. Plan for the long-term. 
Money: Negotiate better terms on credit cards.
Sun in Scorpio, October 23 – November 22
Overall: Go deep. Be powerful. 
Success: Recognize your powers of perception. Follow your intuition.
Love: Get sexy and be passionate.
Money: Attract wealth into your life.
Sun in Sagittarius, November 22 – December 21
Overall: Get social. Do fun things.
Success: Go international. Travel. Participate in a conference. 
Love: Go on a date. Get together with friends. Entertain.
Money: Keep an eye on your budget. Don’t overindulge.
Sun in Capricorn, December 21 – January 20, 2023
Overall: Have a mission. Be a leader. Set your vision. 
Success: Set your strategy. Determine your targets.
Love: Remember to take time off to be with loved ones.
Money: Raise your rates. Get promoted. Realize your value.
Sun in Aquarius, January 20 – February 18, 2023
Overall: Be original. Discover new ways of doing things.
Success: Innovate. Lean into the future. 
Love: Get passionate. Inspire your loved ones.
Money: Stay with it to get paid for your ideas.

Power Up with the Moon

Woods says, "the Moon is less predictable than the Sun as she mysteriously moves through a zodiac sign every day-and-a-half or so. Even though the Moon moves quickly, her power is available to you. Her cycles provide power to help you create your desires and energy helping you release unwanted situations, habits or routines."
Every month the Moon has two main phases:

1. Waxing

The waxing or growing phase occurs between the New Moon and the Full Moon. This phase lasts 2 weeks and is
oriented to doing, moving forward, positive, active and hopeful. It’s a great time to set intentions and takes actions to make them come true. 

2. Waning

The waning or releasing phase occurs between the Full Moon and the New Moon. As she grows smaller in the sky, her energy allows you to release, reflect, ponder, let go and forgive. It’s a great time to journal about unwanted feelings and situations. It’s also a good time to create new habits and routines by letting go of those that no longer fit into your lifestyle.
There are actually 8 cycles with the Moon phases that are helpful to point out if you’re looking for more support to create the life you desire.

Waxing phase:

  1. New Moon – The New Moon is the still point of maximum potential. It’s an excellent time to see everything with a fresh perspective. Everything is available to you. It’s an excellent time to dream, imagine and create.
  2. Waxing Crescent – As the Moon crests to reflect the Sun, it’s a great time to set your intentions for the month. Now is the time to manifest your desires.
  3. First Quarter – As the Moon reflects ½ the Sun, it’s time take action on your intentions. Continue your manifestation ritual to make your intentions real in the world.
  4. Waxing Gibbous – As the Moon is ¾ in the sky, it’s time to refine your actions to be in complete alignment with your intentions.

Waning Phase:

  1. Full Moon – The Full Moon is the still point of maximum power. It’s a great time to show gratitude and celebrate the harvest of life. The maximum amount of energy is available for expansion.
  2. Waning Gibbous – As the Moon wanes to ¾, it’s time to reflect on your life and make adjustments by releasing. Think about is as out with the old to make room for the new.
  3. Last Quarter – As the Moon is ½ of the Sun once again, it’s time release and let go of anything that doesn’t belong to you anymore.
  4. Waning Crescent – As the Moon is s sliver in the sky, it’s time to forgive and surrender. Shed all of the energy that is holding you back from your full potential.
There are many free applications that follow the Moon and her cycles. You can download and follow one of them. Or to know the moon phases in 2022, go to https://getyour2022forecast.com for Kim Wood's annual forecast guide. It holds information about all of the stars and their impact for the year.
Join the celebrities, business leaders, politicians and world leaders who use astrology to help create their desires and live the life of their dreams. 
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