How to clean away germs

BY Susannah Hickling

1st Jan 2015 Life

How to clean away germs

Avoid nasty bugs with these tips

USE any cleaning product that contains a surfactant—a detergent or other substance that enables water to soak up dirt and oils, removing unwanted germs.

LOSE all those products that boast about being “anti-bacterial” or “bacteria-fighting”. The chemicals they contain also wipe out the friendly bacteria that we need to fight germs and stay healthy.

USE bleach. It can deactivate or kill viruses found in the home. Any products that are labelled “disinfectant” will also zap disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

LOSE that old dish rag you use for the washing up. It can end up merely spreading the bugs from one area to another. Consider buying microfibre cloths, which are made up of extra-tiny strands, creating lots of surfaces and spaces to pick up germs safely.

AND DON’T FORGET... Use plenty of elbow grease and apply the cleaning product generously across the entire surface, so that all the dirt and debris can be wiped away. Be sure to clean thoroughly surfaces that have been coughed and spluttered on, or that are touched frequently. Spot clean as necessary.

Spot-clean checklist


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