How can parents help an adult student if they cannot cope with homework?


3rd Oct 2021 Life

How can parents help an adult student if they cannot cope with homework?

Adults return to study all the time, but how do you help them learn as a parent?

Aiding adult studies can be challenging – especially when you don’t understand the subject matter. But, in the current climate especially, with millions of us re-training after Covid-19 left us jobless, there are plenty of adult learners out there.

While learning a new skill is exciting for the learner, it can be challenging for the parents. This goes for children that are 8, 18, or 38. If your child is studying something complex and you don’t know how to help them, it can lead to a fragile home environment where everyone is walking on eggshells.

Your adult student is not alone

There are many of us returning to college and university education in later life. Though the number of students over 30 seems to have declined in the past few years, the number of full-time students aged over 30 has also increased year on year in the UK[1]. It is estimated that roughly 6% of all students in America were over 30 in 2019. Experimental data from 2021 indicates that there are fewer students in further education across the board since Covid-19.

How to help your adult student with their homework?

There are many ways you can still help your loved ones with their homework, even if they are in their late forties. Follow these pointers to help them focus.

1 Try a specialist service

The top-tier way to help an adult study is to call in the experts. If you have no idea what the material is about, don’t panic. There are services set up to help with precisely this problem. Assignment Expert is one of the premier providers of homework solutions, explanations, and coursework aid for the parents of adult students.

2 Schedule a routine

Studying is 99% habit and 1% effort. As long as that book is open and you are reading it, you are learning. Creating a study schedule allows your adult student to fall into the happy routine of working away quietly. You can help them plan, and you can keep that period free for them.

3 Study snacks

You know how hard it can be to concentrate on things. For example, if you keep stopping to grab food or make tea, you end up with multiple distractions in your schedule. You can clear this up for your adult learner by providing lots of snacks and support.

4 Try Pomodoro

Not just the Pomodoro technique, either. There are many different ways learning can be made more accessible, but regular breaks are essential. The idea behind the Pomodoro is a pepper timer that gives breaks every 25 minutes or so. Studies show that frequent breaks make us more productive.

Final thoughts on helping adult students

Your children can return to their studies at any age. As long as you are supportive, there’s no reason for it to be as traumatic as high school.

As an example, to suggest that if the parents do not know the subject, and they hardly understand, they ordered a homework solution with an explanation on the service Assignment Expert. And then, they were able to use this material to check homework.

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