Conquering the Scientific World, Dr. Roberto Crea


21st Jan 2021 Life

Conquering the Scientific World, Dr. Roberto Crea

The world is a huge, complex system that includes various interests that are vying to be a small part of human life. However, one may be living a life of their own, following their thoughts, plans, and ideas. But they have no idea that it is science that dictates human life. Science today is an amalgamation of theories, laws, suit of facts, models, and conclusions that construct human society. Science is the reason why the human race has touched the peaks of success today.

Although the scientists that brought a revolution into human life are no more, there remain a few who are following in their footsteps to find permanent solutions to persistent human life problems and add value, ease, and comfort to the lives of the people. One personality that fits the context perfectly is Dr. Roberto Crea – saving lives and making strides in the world of science!


Dr. Crea is a successful scientist and serial-entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in Biotechnology and Nutritional Sciences. He is the founder of eight U.S. Companies. He is also the scientific co-founder and first Director of DNA Chemistry at Genentech, Inc. and the sole author of the Company’s first two U.S. Patents. In addition to that, Dr. Crea has over 100 international and forty U.S. patents under his belt. His inventions and researches in the field of biotechnology are truly commendable.

Knowing and growing with science

Born on July 1, 1948, in the small Italian city of Palmi, Roberto Crea was a genius kid. He graduated from the University of Pavia in Italy in Biological Chemistry. Later moved to the Netherlands for his specialization and enrolled at the University of Leiden. It was this university that directed his interest in the synthesis of nucleotides, the basic units that are required to build a DNA. Because of his developing interest and curiosity, he specialized in the DNA/ RNA synthesis by the phosphotriester method. At that time, not many researchers studied the combination of genes, but Roberto’s strong chemistry background paved the way for a historical invention.

His marvelous research at the University spoke volumes. He was recruited by the Genentech, Inc. to join the Gene synthesis team at City of Hope Medical School, located in Duarte in California, in 1977. Roberto was only 29 when he moved to California to contribute to the field of Biotechnology.

Genetech funded Dr. Crea’s on-going research on gene synthesis. After working day and night to make his research successful, the brilliant individual finally invented a new procedure that streamlined the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides and synthetic genes. His profound knowledge, along with the collaboration of the excellent Genetech team, utilized this discovery to produce the human Insulin genes, A and B. It was his invention that allowed Genentech to be labeled as the first producer of human protein. This was made from therapeutic interest from bacteria for the benefit of hundreds of millions of people suffering from diabetes all over the world.

Today Roberto is known as the father of synthetic insulin and had almost won the Nobel Prize. He says, “Being able to create an entire human molecule in the laboratory has made it possible to eliminate risks and ensure the production of human (or synthetic) insulin in unlimited quantities and an easier and cheaper manner.

His efforts did not cease after discovering the synthetic insulin; in fact, he was more than driven and strived to make more contributions to the field of biotechnology. In 1982, Roberto switched roles slightly to become a scientist entrepreneur and launched his company, ‘Creative BioMolecules.’ This venture initially functioned as a service company but later began producing therapeutic protein substances. It was the invention of his company that gave birth to the idea of bone growth. They dealt with the factors of tissue growth, to be specific.

Another notable contribution to the medicine industry was the discovery of ziconotide. This life-changing discovery took place when Roberto served as the scientific director at Neurex. His team of experts in neuroscience discovered this drug under his teachings and guidance. According to leading scientists and researchers, this drug is more powerful and effective than morphine, and the best part of this is that it has zero side-effects.

He has won many international awards and prizes, including the ‘Recipient of the David Rumbough Award,’ ‘Golden Bergamot,’ ‘Man of the Year’ by Academia Fiord of Rhegium, ‘Pericles’ in Biotechnology by Torre di Ruggiero, CZ. Italy, and ‘Nello Vincelli’ by Reggio Calabria Italy.

Dr. Roberto Crea has established himself as one of the greatest researchers and scientists America has ever known. He has a long list of creditable discoveries and researches that he has achieved in 65 years of his life. He can be looked up to as an idol in Biotechnology and an inspiration for many individuals who aim to add value to humanity with the help of science.

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