Channeling inner creativity


4th May 2021 Life

Channeling inner creativity

'Everything You Can Imagine Is Real' – Pablo Picasso

Agreeing with the renowned painter's wise words, it is very true that creative thoughts and ideas can be transformed into reality. Passion, dedication, and hard work are all that a person requires to do so.

A creative mind is the door to unlimited opportunities that people can avail themselves of if they use their minds to their full capacity. With 86 billion neurons, the human mind becomes the most powerful and intellectual brain on the planet. So, the level of creativity and innovation that comes from a human brain is unmatched by any other species. A creative mind is the hub of innovative and modern ideas that are capable of solving any problem. Proving true all the assertions made above is Jackson Hedden, a 27-year-old industrial designer.


Jackson Hedden is an advocate of creative minds and creative ideas. He believes that every person is born creative but loses their creativity as they mature. Adapting to the daily black and white adult world, people tend to let go of their creative instincts. This results in utterly boring personalities and a lack of creative problem-solving techniques. According to Jackson, the most significant way to find personal success is to allow creativity to shine through all ideas coming to life. Honing artistic skills and imagination enhances creative brainstorming that can lead to novel realizations.

Born in Louisiana, Jackson Hedden is a contemporary industrial designer who has taken the industry by storm with his immaculate and precise design solutions. His associations and works with renowned brands such as Uber, Ford, Coors Light, Kodak, Alessi, SCAD, Flowater, Honda, Boconcept, 3M, LEGO, and Boston Scientific; prove that his designs skills are exceptional and unique.

Building A Connection with Design

It is important to build a connection with anything one is working on. It is a common human psyche that people tend to react to situations better if they have had a personal experience with them. This enables them to comprehend the problem better, resulting in more unique and innovative solutions to solve it. Following a similar approach, Hedden also establishes a connection with the products he is designing so that he can better understand the improvements he can bring to the existing design. Studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016 and the Hennessey Performance in 2015, Jackson understood the strategies of designing and redesigning very well. Blessed with a creative mind, he was able to grip on everything that was taught to him. Passing with distinction, Jackson received offers to work for many famous brands during his initial years.

Jackson made his debut as an industrial designer in 2017 and worked with Karim Rashid, a New York-based industrial designer. This was his first exposure to the design industry, and Hedden learned a great deal. From luxury consumer goods to sleek water bottles and chic furniture, he grasped informative tips and tricks on every design that was created. As this was just the beginning of his career, Jackson wished to explore more and so collaborated with the founder of Kabaq and the CEO of Alper Guler to become the exclusive designer for an augmented food reality startup. He then joined a Los Angeles-based firm, RKS Designs, and worked there for a period of two years. Working with talented and creative design personalities and companies sharped Jackson's design skills to a great level. He was now ready to start his own business and establish his name professionally in the design world.

Having excellent design knowledge, clear concepts, and a creative-modern edge enabled Jackson to start his firm in New York. By believing in himself and trusting his creative capabilities, the young designer has been appreciated and recognized by reputable design platforms such as the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) and EPDA (European Product Design Awards) for his outstanding work. He has been nominated for design in fashion and material science and has also been featured in publications, trademarks, and patents worldwide.

Keeping up with the trends, Jackson's designs are clean, sharp, edgy, innovative, and elegant. He has always kept himself in the customers' shoes and designed the product according to their convenience and ease. His artistic yet minimalist approach to designs can be seen in the classic 'Gillette Straight Razor Industrial,' 'Usual (wine bottles),' 'ParticleBoard' and 'Lamborghini's Trunk and Chest.' Having a keen interest in designs and creative works, Jackson is always up for a challenge to build something new with his extraordinary design techniques.

'The elevator of success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs, one step at a time' – Joe Girard

The quote perfectly fits Jackson's story as he believed in himself and took one step at a time to reach his goal.

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