9 Most memorable Christmas ads of all time

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9 Most memorable Christmas ads of all time
From tear-jerking narratives to clever storytelling, these Christmas commercials have left a lasting impact on viewers worldwide

John Lewis: "The Long Wait" (2011)

John Lewis is renowned for its emotionally resonant Christmas ads. "The Long Wait" tells the story of a young boy eagerly counting down the days until Christmas. His excitement is not for the presents he will receive but for the joy of giving. The ad captures the essence of selfless giving and the profound impact a thoughtful gift can have on the ones we love, making it a touching and enduring Christmas classic.

Coca-Cola: "Holidays Are Coming" (1995)

Coca-Cola's "Holidays Are Coming" has become synonymous with the festive season. Featuring the iconic Coca-Cola truck adorned with twinkling lights, the ad evokes a sense of warmth and holiday spirit. The sight of the illuminated truck rolling through snowy landscapes has become a symbol of the start of the Christmas season, and the catchy jingle further cements its place as a globally recognised and cherished holiday commercial.

Sainsbury's: "Mog's Christmas Calamity" (2015)

Sainsbury's heartwarming ad, "Mog's Christmas Calamity," brings to life the beloved children's book character Mog the cat. The story revolves around Mog's unintentional mishaps that lead to a chain of events on Christmas Eve. Ultimately, the community comes together to make the holiday special for a family in need. With charming animation and a delightful narrative, the ad captures the magic of Christmas and the joy of helping others in times of need.

Apple: "Frankie's Holiday" (2016)

In "Frankie's Holiday," Apple delivers a poignant message of unity and acceptance. The ad features Frankenstein's monster, Frankie, who ventures into a town square to share a heartfelt moment with the residents. Despite initial fear and hesitation, the townspeople embrace Frankie, emphasising the importance of understanding and accepting those who may seem different. Apple's ad stands out for its touching narrative and the powerful message of inclusion during the holiday season.

M&M's: "Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel" (2006)

M&M's "Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel" continues the comedic saga of the yellow M&M character's attempts to spread holiday cheer. This playful and humorous ad showcases the charming yet clumsy character's determination to make the season merry, even if it involves a few mishaps along the way. With its light-hearted tone and endearing characters, M&M's adds a sweet and comical touch to the Christmas advertising landscape.

Heathrow Airport: "Coming Home for Christmas" (2016)

Heathrow Airport's "Coming Home for Christmas" resonates with viewers as it depicts the heartfelt journey of two elderly teddy bears making their way home for the holidays. The ad beautifully captures the emotional reunions and the joy of being with loved ones during the festive season. Heathrow's creative approach turns an airport's role in connecting people into a touching narrative that magnifies the importance of family and homecomings.

Duracell: "Christmas is Chaos" (2017)

Duracell's 2017 ad takes us into Santa Claus’ imagination as he envisions what would happen if he delivered his presents without Duracell batteries. What ensued was a chaotic Christmas that eventually led to the sacking of Santa Claus, leaving families unsatisfied with the holidays and Santa himself unemployed. Short and funny, this ad drives home the necessity of keeping Duracell around the household for occasions big and small.

Allegro: "English for Beginners" (2016)

Allegro, a Polish online marketplace, tugs at the heartstrings with "English for Beginners." The ad tells the story of an elderly Polish man learning English through a series of endearing gestures, leading to a heartfelt surprise for his family during the holidays. The ad beautifully captures the essence of learning, connection, and the universal language of love, making it a standout Christmas commercial with a meaningful message.

BBC One :"The Supporting Act" (2017)

BBC One's "The Supporting Act" weaves a touching narrative around a father and daughter's holiday tradition. The ad follows the father as he prepares for Christmas while juggling his responsibilities as a single parent. The daughter's dance performance in her school's Christmas talent show becomes a poignant reflection of the sacrifices parents make for their children. With its emotional storytelling and relatable themes, BBC One's Christmas ad strikes a chord with viewers, drawing attention to the magic of family and the importance of being there for each other during the festive season.
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