Make Christmas magical this year

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5th Sep 2022 Life

Make Christmas magical this year

Ensuring that Christmas is as magical as possible for both you and your little ones can be a challenge.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way! With surprisingly little effort, you can be free to create the magical Christmas that you’d like to make in no time at all, easily keeping that magic spark alive for another year.

We would suggest taking a look through this list for some simple and wonderful ideas of great ways that you can create and maintain a magical spark that will last throughout the entirety of Christmas - it’s easier than you might think!

Boot prints

Okay, this one is a little easier than you might think. It’s part of the common lore that everyone follows that Santa Claus wears that huge, red suit, along with a pair of shiny black boots. The boots are a quintessential part of the Santa image since, of course, he wades through the snow on the most important night of his year.

 For this reason, creating the boot prints in your home is a great idea. For this, you’ll need a pair of boots, a bag of flour, and a sieve. It’s easier if there are two of you - one to step, and one to dust, but that’s not entirely essential.

To create sweet boot prints, we would suggest having the stepper standing in front of the fireplace first of all - have them stand with their boots together in front of the fire, and dust the boost and the area around them with flour. Move the boots, and you’ll see your own floor underneath: the boot prints have been created in the void that’s left behind.

Repeat this to your Christmas tree, and back again, and you’ll have created some sweet boot prints that look just like the real thing. Make sure to use flour instead of sugar, though, as sugar is liable to attract ants.

A letter from Santa

A letter from Santa is a great way to ensure that your little one is extolling the virtues of the man himself for another year. After all, if there were no Santa, then how could Santa have written a letter to them?

There are some really fantastic sites out there offering great letters from Santa directly to your home. For example, realsantaletters.co.uk offers a range of options that would be perfect for anyone starting to doubt the big man.

A simple letter directly from Santa can be purchased there, as well as a certificate of authenticity, ensuring the recipient that it has originated from the North Pole. The letter is a simple one, containing a range of sweet messages that can tell the child that they have been particularly good over the course of the past year and that Santa would like to give them an extra special gift.

Since you can guarantee that their gift will show up, you know that the letter will come true. It’s a simple way to create a little magic during the Christmas period.

Invent a new piece of lore

There is a range of different pieces of lore in the world of Santa Claus. We’ve covered the great red suit and the shiny black boots above, but there are some other things, too - the fact that he typically comes down a chimney, for example, and the fact that he adores milk and a cookie. This combination of different pieces of lore leads to the construction of a whole Santa Claus in your child’s mind - so adding to the rich tapestry allows you to bring him to life a little more.

The new piece of lore is best when it’s tailored to you and your home environment. One of the best ones that we’ve ever seen, for example, is the idea that you can construct the method by which he comes into your home if you don’t have a chimney.

 A great example could be that if you only have windows, he’s able to create a key to open them out of his shiny belt buckle. That way, you could leave something out for Santa that’s relevant to that - a little tin of metal polish that ‘Santa’ can scoop some out of, for example.

 For a more interactive option, consider making a new food for Santa to sample. You could say that you’ve been in touch with him, and he’s said that, this year, he doesn’t want chocolate chip cookies - he wants something else. Together, you and your little one could think up something that Santa might like, bake it together, and leave a serving out for Santa. The fact that your child is actively involved in thinking up a way to help Santa can be great for them - they’re helping their friends get gifts.

A ribbon curtain

 A ribbon curtain is an extremely specific example, and what we really mean is something a little more general. Offering your child a way to go through a ‘magical doorway’ into a living room filled with presents is a great way to allow them to experience a little burst of joy from the excitement that’s up for grabs, there.

Ribbon curtains can be bought from a range of hobby shops, as can spools of ribbon that you could attach to the top of your doorframe during the night before Christmas. This will allow you to construct a simple curtain that they can make their way through, unveiling their presents for themselves.

 This may seem a little simple, but it’s the small touches that create a whole experience on Christmas Day. By allowing a child to bring their own Christmas presents into the world, you allow them to bring a world of exciting options to themselves.

A great idea, too, could be to transform the living room, just a little. While a full-blown transformation might be a little costly and tricky, purchasing some extra tinsel and sticking it to the ceiling is simple and wonderfully effective - it creates a little room that’s filled with Christmas wonder!

A small reward for you

 After all the hard work that you’ve done, you might feel entitled to a small, but substantial, reward. We completely understand that, and, in fact, we recommend it. While it’s true that your child’s smile is a powerful reward, having a little something extra on Christmas eve is a special kind of magic just for you.

Whether you opt for a small bottle of your favorite spirit or a small portion of your faovirete festive snack, you can create a sweet moment, quietly giggling with your partner-in-Christmas as you share that moment of joy together.

For the full effect, we would suggest getting something alcoholic. The reason for this is that it will highlight, for you, the fact that what you’re doing is a part of Christmas that children won’t be involved in. Instead, you’re enjoying and adoring the fun of staying up late and having a tipple - this is a part of Christmas that not only will your little ones not be involved in, but that you weren’t involved in when you were young.

Christmas is a magical time of year, and we’re sure that you can bring a little of that joy to yourself and your home this holiday season. Keep that magic alive!

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