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10 Cats With an Eye for Fashion


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

10 Cats With an Eye for Fashion

It's not just humans who can rock a jacket and some retro glasses and look cool. Cats can have fashion sense too! These cats show off their style and make us wonder when they'll be trotting down the catwalk - it was made for them after all!


Vogue’s cat editorial features ginger pusses-in-Celine-boots, well sneakers…


Calendar cats

Last year designer United Bamboo remodelled their fashion line for their 2014 calendar photoshoot, which you can still buy. Even in 2015.


Cosplay cat

Image: Tumblr

A cat dressed as Hello Kitty. Very meta.


Underwear cats

Image: Metro

Meowtfit of the Day takes the crown with these genius photoshoots of cats in tights.


Skater cat

Image: Tumblr

Where’s his headphones, leather jacket and skateboard?


Geek cat

Image: Trendland

A personal favourite from photographer Noah Sheldon’s excellently staged series. Such a good blouse.


Cat in a cap

Image: Crazy mag

Simple, yet effective. The purrfect cinematic French look.


Secret agent cat

Image: Crazy Mag

He’s got a license to thrill and you know he’s going straight for your cat food.


Smarty cat

Image: Blogspot

If a cat’s face was ever made for a pair of novelty miniature gold-rimmed specs, this is the cat.


Ca(ugh)t Out there

Image: Blogspot’re home early aren’t you?

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