5 Top Spanish Arsenal Players


18th Jun 2020 Life

5 Top Spanish Arsenal Players
As one of the top flight teams of the premier league for the last 50 years Arsenal have had a plethora of foreign players especially during the 90s and 00s when they were known for bringing in and training up young European players. They currently have a spanish Manager in Mikel Arteta named back in December (currently trying to sign Athletic Bilbao defender Unai Nunez) and a strong spanish connection.
So due to that we have a top 5 of the best Spanish players ever to play for the club.

1. Jose Antonio Reyes

Although his time with the Gunners soured after he was duped into admitting he wanted a move away during a radio interview, Reyes briefly lit up the league and was an important part of Arsenal's last championship-winning team.  

2. Santi Cazorla

A criminally underrated talent, Cazorla's reputation has been the victim of the wealth of talent in his position, both at Arsenal and in the league in general.
Like so many of his midfield compatriots, Cazorla is typically cool on the ball and is more than capable of chipping in with the goals, having netted 23 times in less than 100 appearances.
He could have been considerably more successful in the league had his versatility not counted against him; frequently, he has found himself forced to cover the positions left by Arsenal’s incredible injury list.

3. Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas was already a Premier League star when he left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2011, but his second spell in the league with Chelsea has just served to solidify his status.
At both clubs, he has demonstrated his versatility, excelling in front of goal, creating chances and dictating the play from a deep role.
The fact he is so versatile has perhaps counted against him at times, making him a jack of all trades but a master of none, but even so, he looks destined to go down as one of the league's best ever players. A very fit player it is in his DNA.

4. Héctor Bellerín

Héctor Bellerín Moruno is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right back or wing back for the Spain national team and Premier League club Arsenal, where he is currently serving as the team's vice-captain. Bellerín started his career at Barcelona, and moved to Arsenal in 2011.

5. Dani Ceballos

Although new to the team this is more one to watch in the years to come I think he could be as good or better than the other players that have been mentioned in this article
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