5 Craziest charity endeavours


1st Jan 2015 Life

5 Craziest charity endeavours

There once was a time when laying in a bath of beans, or leaping from a plane was considered 'crazy' enough. Not anymore! Sure, those things still happen, and they're great—you can't knock any act in aid of charity - but people are now going to never before seen levels of craziness. Read on...

1. Crossing the Irish Sea in a ... hamster wheel


Image via uk.boats.com

In 2012, Chris Todd attempted to cross the Irish Sea, from Wales to Ireland, on board a giant human hamster wheel, designed and built by himself. Having already run six marathons in six days in the burning heat of the Gobi desert, as well as trekking across the Arctic Circle, Chris was no stranger to insane charity endeavours, and was getting very successful at it. The hamster wheel worked well, but proved to be too tame for the Irish Sea. Chris stopped just short of halfway through his 66 mile journey, but he has vowed to return and conquer.


2. 100 marathons in 100 days


Image via BBC

2012 proved to be an especially crazy year for fund raisers, as UK man, Mathew Loddy ran 100 marathons in 100 days for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and St. Francis' Hospice. Beginning in the Algarve, Portugal, Mr. Loddy eventually finished by completing the London Marathon. He ended up in hospital multiple times during his incredible 2620 mile journey, but still managed to complete his original mission.


3. Bear Grylls has alfresco dinner at 24,000 feet


Image via blog.squadup.com

Bear Grylls is now virtually a household name, and one synonymous with crazy, dangerous stunts and journeys. Having conquered Everest after breaking his back in three places, Bear is not afraid of anything. This time he decided to take a friend up into a hot air balloon and feast on a three course meal at over 24,000 feet. Sound easy enough? Oh, I forgot to mention that they were sat at a table dangling 40 feet beneath the balloon! And that the temperature was -50°C!

4. Stuntman relives nightmare


Image via guinnessworldrecords.com

Stuntman Rocky Taylor almost died while filming Death Wish 3. Leaping 40 feet from a burning building, something went wrong, leaving Rocky with many fractures, including multiple spinal breaks, as well as severe burns. However, Rocky was determined not to be beaten. 25 years later, he decided to recreate the stunt for Remember a Charity. The charity even tried to persuade him not to do it. But Rocky conquered his demons, leaping 40 feet from a platform at Battersea Power Station, whilst engulfed in flames.


5. Living with spiders

Australians are known for their crazy antics, and lax attitude to dangerous animals. Even Down Under Nick Le Souef is viewed as something of a maniac. Nick decided to lock himself inside of a small glass room with 400 highly venomous spiders, to raise money for children's charities. For three weeks he lived with the spiders, and upon his exit, explained that his biggest problem the entire time was claustrophobia.

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