Snow joke: 10 hilariously creative snowmen


1st Jan 2015 Humour

Snow joke: 10 hilariously creative snowmen

As the weather turns frosty, there's no better way to spend a snow day than creating your own frozen friend. Get some inspiration from these hilarious creations. 

1. Upside down

upside down snowman
Image via New England Fun


2. Feed me!

hungry snowman
Image via North News


3. Snow kitty

snow kitty
Image via Scbist


4. BBQ anyone?


5. Gone fishin'


6. Pondering…

pondering snowman
Image via Flickr 


7. In cold blood

Image via Imgur


8. Computer says snow

Computer snow
Image via La Neve


9. Snow army 


10. Let me in!

breathing on glass
Image via Sam Hill Design