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Hilarious photos of Astronauts having fun in space

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Hilarious photos of Astronauts having fun in space
A collection of Astronauts unwinding in space through different means
Space doesn't have to be all serious and despite its fairly unforgiving nature, astronauts are still people and need time to exercise, have a laugh and wind down when they're passing the time. Astronauts do get up to a surprising amount of activities in space, all in one of the most unique environments available, as shown in these funny photos.

Strike a pose

Astronaut handover - ESA - NASA
With a lack of gravity, you can get to do a few more unique poses.

Tumbling around

Astronauts having fun on the ISS - NASA
Having fun is a bit easier in a zero-G environment.

Playing around

Astronauts playing in space - NASA
Space isn't all serious and goofing around can be frequent.

A game of scrabble

Chris Hadfield playing scrabble - NASA


Christa McAuliffe and Barbara Morgan leapfrog - NASA
Regular exercise in space is vitally important, but you can have fun with it!

And stretch!

Edward G
Stretching regularly can also be helpful, on Earth or in space.

Intellectual stimulation

Gregory Chamitoff playing chess - NASA
Physical exercise is important but so is stimulating the mind, as can be done with games like Chess.

Suited and booted

Nasa crew - NASA
Here's a photo of a smiley and upbeat astronauts in their space suits.

A bit of football

Steve Swanson kicking football - 2014 world cup - NASA
In addition to watching football, playing it can also be a great way to pass the time - even in space.
Fun with food
Thomas Pequet - NASA (1)
Astronaut Thomas Pequet has some fun playing around with vegetables in space. 
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