Hilarious April Fools' Day inspiration for the office

Take some inspiration from these hilarious April Fools' Day pranks and set your office up for some serious laughs. 

One for the narcissistic boss…

photocopied face
Image via Twenty Two Words



For the green-fingered among you

planting in office
Image via Handimania



This murder must be the work of The Joker…

Image via Just Something



Don't hassle the Hoff

Image via Tumblr



An oldie but a goodie

jelly stapler
Image via Flickr



The rude awakening

office prank funny chair
Image via Reddit



Christmas came early

christmas office prank
Image via Just Something



Oh balls…

Ball pool
Image via Pinterest



Feeling (Nicolas) caged in?

nicolas cage
Image via Reddit



The not-so-secret admirer

not so secret admirer
Image via YouTube



And finally, this work of pure evil…

Image via Pinterest