60 second stand up: Sophie Willan

BY Anna Walker

23rd Feb 2018 Humour

1 min read

60 second stand up: Sophie Willan

We chatted to Northern funny lass, Sophie Willan

What’s the best part of your current tour?

I like my section around escorting and feminism because I offer quite a different outlook. It’s funny but it deals with a taboo subject too.


What’s your most memorable heckle experience?

I did a weird play with one of my best mates, where I was dressed up as a garden gnome, and a man tried to steal some of our set. My friend rugby-tackled him to the floor and then just carried on with the show…


Who inspires your comedy?

Loads of comedians—from Victoria Wood to Richard Pryor—but theatre has inspired me too, especially the drag artist David Hoyle.


What’s your favourite one-liner?

I always liked Spike Milligan’s epitaph. It says, “I told you I was ill…” That’s a joke that lasts forever.


Any funny tales about a time you’ve bombed on stage?

I once did a performance where there were only three people in the audience. One of them was sat there wearing their pyjamas, which was a little soul-destroying.


If you could be a fly on the wall, whose wall would you be on?

Theresa May. It would be interesting to see if she takes her skin off at night.


If you could Have any super power, what would it be?

I’ve always fancied Bernard’s Watch. You could freeze time whenever you were late or needed lunch…