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60 second stand up: David Baddiel

BY Anna Walker

27th Mar 2018 Humour

60 second stand up: David Baddiel

We chatted to funny family man, David Baddiel

What’s your favourite of your own jokes?

My grandfather died on the occasion of his 92nd birthday. Which was a great shame as we were only half way through giving him the bumps.


What’s your most memorable heckle experience?

My first ever heckle putdown was when I was doing a routine about sex and a man shouted out, “It’s better from behind!” I replied, “Rather like your face”, which isn’t an amazing put-down but taught me just to say the first thing that comes into my head when heckled, a good lesson. 


What’s the best part of your current set?

Reading out my late mother’s erotic poetry.


What’s your favourite one-liner?

Always been fond of Woody Allen’s, “On his deathbed, my grandfather sold me this watch.”


Who inspires your comedy?

Well Woody Allen, although that seems less and less acceptable to say these days. But then again he’s not my life inspiration…


Have you found some parts of the country to be funnier than others?

No. Some think they are of course. But I’m not going to mention them.


If you could Have any super power, what would it be?

Comedy is a super power. Being able to make a room of strangers laugh can really feel like that.


Visit for tickets to David’s tour, My Family: Not the Sitcom

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