17 perfectly timed holiday photos


1st Jan 2015 Humour

17 perfectly timed holiday photos

No matter how much you practise, how well you you know your carmera, sometimes the perfect snap is a matter of timing. These photos are the proof of that.

“I’m sorry but I’ve always wanted your shoes.”

girl falls off inflatable boat
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Breathe in that sea (h)air!

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You can have his hat, but never his chips!

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Just checking the ol' dog 'n' bone

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Ladies and gentlemen, the break dancing messiah!

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Donut do that!

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Smile for the camera!

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Strike it lucky!

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"Da-ad! There aren't any headers in American football..."

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You should see how zen she looked after this was taken

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Currently being tested on London's Underground, a super safe way to catch your connecting train 

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Sorry, no tourists allowed

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Meanwhile, the flamingos are getting a bit meta

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Mu-um! That plane has been there for 5 days now...

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Giant dad's had enough of you this holiday

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We warned the pilot not to drink and fly

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My head's feeling a bit fuzzy

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