11 Cheeky but genius works of street art


1st Jan 2015 Humour

11 Cheeky but genius works of street art

We couldn’t walk past these creative bits of street art without a smile on our faces. From the incredibly cheeky to the seriously thought-provoking, these creations have all made our streets a little less boring. 

1. Take that!

jackie chan
Image via Lettera 43


2. Larger than life


3. There's nothing street about this corner

street corner
Image via Tumblr


4. Protected ground

Image via Lamano Magazine


5. Oh yes they will!

Image via Twitter


6. There's something fishy about these stairs

seul stairs
Image via Reddit


7. A true lady garden

street art
Image via Photobucket


8. Maybe that's a bit Munch

the scream
Image via Cultura Creative


9. Teenage Mutant Ninja memorials

ninja turtl
Image via Reddit


10. A healthy head of hair 

hair graffitit
Image via Boycott Mag


11. Om-nom-nom-nom!

cookie monster
Image via Digital Junkie



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