10 Wonderfully weird real town names

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10 Wonderfully weird real town names
Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and you can see evidence of that with this list of strange but fun place names
Towns and cities can have strange and outright funny names for a number of reasons, out of boredom, humorous intentions or just as on the spot decisions. You may well have heard of some of these places before, but prepare to be surprised by some names (that are 100% real).

It was an accident 

A sign for accident, Maryland
We're not sure if the sign name was an accident though.

How boring exactly?

A sign for Boring, Oregon
Despite the sign, we're sure it's not that boring.

A bit dull

A sign for Dull, Perthshire
Funnily enough, Dull in the UK is paired with Boring, USA. Interesting how that works out!

An inspired choice

sign for Hell, Michigan
We have a feeling the person who came up with this name did so simply to have people greet newcomers by saying "welcome to hell".

Appropriate sign

Sign for Little Snoring
This sign is fairly appropriate, as Little Snoring is a sleepy village in the English countryside, you can snore in the town but not on the road!

Are you lost?

Lost, Scotland
Lost is a real place out in the country in Scotland, the closest city to it is Aberdeen and we're sure that people have been have gotten a few chuckles from trying to get to 'Lost'

Everything's normal

A sign for Normal, USA
Everything about the town is somewhat normal.. except the name.

Just a bit peculiar

The town name may be a bit strange but it's fairly normal, ironically. Maybe there's a potential town pairing there?

An interesting choice

A sign for Ugley, Essex
The parish of Ugley has a long history going back almost 1000 years to 1041, originally being called 'Uggele', so we can give it some slack on the name. Bet you didn't expect this one to have an origin story!

What's the name?

Wagga Wagga, Australia
Yes that will be the town of Wagga Wagga in Australia's south east territory of New South Wales, rolls off the tongue!
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