Animals hilariously taking selfies

Animals hilariously taking selfies
A collection of a few animals in some surprising selfie style shots
Animals can often be suprising, exhibiting behaviours that we normally attiritbute to ourselves as human, albeit unintentionally. Neverthless animals can be just as expressive, excited and animated as people and as it turns out, they can even take decent selfies too, as shown here.

Bearly in frame

Bear selfie
Who knew that grizzly bears also like a nice selfie.


A feline photo

Cat selfie
Cats are so sneaky and smart, we feel like they know what they're doing with selfies.

Not the time to duck

Duck selfie
Yeah, we've all been there with this type of selfie.

Do I look good in this

Aiming to get a good angle for a selfie, relatable

Strong selfie form

Lemur taking selfie
Having a good arm for a photo is key.

Now they have some pride

Lion pride
That's a nice group shot.

A very cheek selfie

Monkey selfie
When you find the right angle and lighting for the shot.

Getting a nice angle

Sea otter
We think it's using a selfie stick, if so—impressive.

A slow selfie

Sloth selfie
Sloths are very slow, which means they take time to take the perfect shot.

A somewhat elegant selfie

Tufted titmouse photo
Birds are relatively elegant creatures, so it checks out that they can take a classy selfie.
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