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Good News: Rare Roman mosaic found in Syria


3rd Nov 2022 Good News

Good News: Rare Roman mosaic found in Syria

Syria was once an archaeologist's dream, filled with rich heritage sites. Civil war has caused much damage, but archaeologists have recently found a rare Roman mosaic

A 1,600-year-old mosaic has been discovered by archaeologists in Syria, depicting scenes from the Trojan War.

Archaeological excavations amidst conflict

Syria has been in the midst of civil war for the past decade. This has had a huge effect on heritage sites throughout the country, with all six of Syria’s Unesco World Heritage Sites having been damaged or destroyed.

"Archaeologists believe there is more to discover"

Rastan, the town where the mosaic was discovered, was held by rebels until the government reclaimed it in 2018. This meant that excavation could not occur earlier.

The mosaic’s significance

The mosaic was found under an old building in the historically significant town of Rastan. So far, the mosaic seems to be about 20 metres long and six metres wide, but archaeologists believe there is more to discover. 

Dr Hammam Saad, who leads excavations and archaeological studies at Syria’s General Directorate of Museums, told France 24, “[The mosaic] is not the oldest of its kind, but it’s the most complete and the rarest. We have no similar mosaic.”

Scenes depicted in the mosaic include a rare portrayal of Ancient Amazon warriors in Roman mythology, a discovery that Dr Saad called, “rare on a global scale”.

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