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The art of not giving up


25th Jan 2021 Down to Business

The art of not giving up

There is nobody in this world who has not experienced pain and hardships. There comes a time in life where people fall off, quit, and ultimately give up on everything they had thought to accomplish. It’s just a matter of one small hiccup, and people allow the hiccup to cause hindrances to achieving the dreams.


Everyone has heard the phrase, ‘giving up is not an option.’ Many disregard it and do not believe in it. But this small yet effective phrase gives a strong message. It can be interpreted as everything happens for a reason, and one should accept the changes that come with life. If one stops doing what they were doing earlier, they might lose something that had been stored for them in the future.

It must be accepted that not everything goes as planned. There will always be something that interrupts or causes inconvenience in the journey to achieve the dreams. But that should not deviate one from the path that they are on. Moving forward, no matter what, is the only way up. Fitting the context perfectly is the story of Ian William.

Popularly known as the ‘Social Golfer,’ Ian William Halliwell is an entrepreneur, accountant, lecturer, author, and a former golf player. His story has inspired many not to give up and keep working to achieve their dreams, come what may. He believes in keeping a positive attitude towards life and never being disappointed with the circumstances life puts one in.

A Larger-Than-Life Personality

Ian William Halliwell had a personality that was larger than life. He was never disappointed with any inconvenience that happened to him, which is the reason why he overcame the difficulties in life with ease.

Because of the hardships faced in life, Ian today is an active participator in many charities and has dedicated a huge chunk of his earnings to the Stroke Association. He motivates many young individuals who are disabled to build up their strength and fight with the difficult situations that life has put them into. Over time, Ian has joined hands with supports several charities that help the disabled such as The Social Golfer, British Inclusive Golf, SDGC (Scottish Disability Golf and Curling), and the DGA (Disabled Golf Association).

Ian is involved with many charities because he has experienced two extremely tough situations that changed his life completely. With his efforts for the charities, he wants to ensure that no other individual feels demotivated or hopeless over something that they could not control.

This 62-year-old individual was inclined towards playing golf from his early days. But since golf is an elite sport, Ian William could not afford to play it. He recalls his earliest memory of playing golf by saying, “I had a lovely childhood and was always encouraged to play sports except when I once was demonstrating my golf swing to a friend in the hallway and on the backswing caught and smashed to pieces all my mother’s crystal ornaments collected on family vacations...putting banned from then on, inside the house.

He would often observe players playing from the far, and would match on the television, and always dreamt of playing this sport someday. Ian worked hard to change his financial limitations. After he was stabilized financially, Ian began practicing and participating in various golf matches. He traveled to countries such as Tunisia, South Africa, Costas, and Tenerife.

Things were finally well and smooth for Ian. He had his job, his family, and most all, he was now following a passion that he had hidden for so long. Due to his dedication and love for the sport, he picked up the techniques quickly and soon began playing as a professional. He also dreamt of participating in the Senior Golf Tour in the coming year. But as mentioned, life cannot be fair to all, and he was not spared either.

In 1996, Ian was diagnosed with a tumor in the left part of his brain, which impaired his hearing from the right side and damaged his balance nerve. Having no prior symptoms or pain, the result of the diagnosis shocked Ian and his family. Being the jolly man that he is, Ian understood that this is natural, and there was nothing that he could do about it. He underwent two surgeries in 1997 with a smile and a hope to be treated. Although the surgeries were successful, Ian caught meningitis while recovering from it. Ian could sense that his dream of participating in the Senior Golf Tour was being affected. Apart from being hopeful and optimistic, there was no other way Ian could cope with the situation.

Just as things had begun to normalize, in 2006, Ian’s body was affected by a major stroke. This stroke numbed the left side of his body. The stroke’s effects were so critical that the doctors told him that he might not be able to walk or play golf again. This devasting news shook him to the core. His life-long dream of participating in a golf tournament could not be fulfilled anymore.

Ian took his time to recover from the trauma and came back even stronger. He did not want to sulk and cry over his condition. Instead, he was determined to educate the ones who were suffering from a similar situation. He wanted to inspire millions with his journey and decided to share his experiences and to learn through a book.

His first book, ‘The Social Golfer,’ was published in 2008 after being diagnosed with his first stroke. His second book, ‘Living the Dream,’ was published in 2012. Ian has now published his 3rd book ‘Still Crazy After All These Years,’ in 2020, which was written during the pandemic. With his books, he aims to change people's perception for recovering from illnesses and be an ideal whom people can look up to.

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