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Technology changes in the interview space prepare your graduates for video calls


19th Sep 2019 Down to Business

Technology changes in the interview space prepare your graduates for video calls
When you start on your course at university one of the biggest points that they point out to you is how you should prepare for your life after your course, this can include suggesting interview training and other points, such as how to prepare your CV, what a lot of universities don’t tell you is how the landscape for interviews can change over the 3+ years that you do your degree over, this is because as an institute universities are generally behind the curve when it comes to technology and how this can affect your future. 
For instance, when I was at university they never mentioned video interviews, but these are now a large part of the recruitment world, whether you are going to be working at De loitte or Price water house cooper or even Sainsburys these companies now use video interview techniques, the big companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft it is such an open sector that all companies can now afford to bring video interviewing into their recruitment process.  
In the following article we will go over some points on how universities and students can use video interview solutions to train and Improve their employability as we move towards video interview and telephone calls don't give businesses the best chance of a top candidate.

Reasons Why

If universities endeavour to get their alumni the best position they can upon exit from university this will then feed into goals, such as: 
  • Students returning for a further degree.
A large proportion of students tend to want to further their study with PHD’s and MD’s (Masters Degree) if the universities have prepared them then they would be more willing to go back to what is seen as a supportive school.
  • Suggesting new students go to the university.
As with any business the best way to get referrals is word of mouth, if your alumni have a great experience, not just with the SU or the clubs, but also the exit process they will get a better referral from the students that leave
  • Businesses that will look for this university specifically.
If the university trains their alumni in regards to interviewing and talking skills, then businesses and employers will be more likely to look for those schools when they are sorting candidates because they know that those candidates may well already hit some of the criteria required for the position, due to the exit training and skills that they gain

And Who

Who can you go to, there are a multitude of SaaS (Software as a service) providers out there, but not all of them will cover the specific use cases you may have as a university, but one company that does offer specific solutions for universities is Employertube.
Some of the solutions they offer are:
  • Customisable interview brands
  • Employertube allows you as a university to generate multiple branded environments that you can customise to fit for the interview style you are training 
  • Question Library
    This allows the tutor to select from a multitude of sets of questions that they can tailor to fit the specific interview style that they are training on
  • Email invitations
    Just like a genuine interview the tutors can upload a list of interviews in CSV format that can then be sent out to a single or multiple student at the click of a button
  • Interview review
    The students and tutors are able to go over the interview itself and review for good points and points that will need to be worked on, this not only gives the student the tutors view but they can identify issues where they may feel like they need more work 

Bespoke integrations  

Employertube understands that not all universities are the same and make a point of being able to build bespoke integrations that will match the needs of the universities, but this can also go further.
Not only for training students, but also for integrating it in to the recruitment process for all the faculty staff that the university may need to hire as well. 
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