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Robert Ritter’s InsMark®; A software company revolutionising insurance marketing

Robert Ritter’s InsMark®; A software company revolutionising insurance marketing

Simon Singer, CFP, CAP RFC, and an International Forum Member, says that he has been using InsMark for the past 30 years, and it has completely changed his business.

‘The Power of Zero’ author David McKnight shares that he cannot afford to go without InsMark. These are just two of the thousands of testimonials that adorn the website of InsMark.

Founded in 1983 by Robert Ritter, InsMark is a financial services software company. It produces transferable marketing techniques for a broad group of financial specialists such as high-end life insurance producers and estate planners, as well as retirement and executive benefit professionals.


InsMark creates software products that help financial producers present business concepts and ideas to their customers quickly and efficiently. With its enormous success gained throughout the years, InsMark has galvanized many insurance companies to rely on its easy-to-use software technology to enhance the sale of their products to satisfied customers.

InsMark has many products that serve the company’s vision. The InsMark Illustration System is one of them.

This powerful system develops compelling sales and marketing presentations using Compared to What as its core strategy. The InsMark Illustration System features easily understood comparisons to demonstrate financial concepts in graphs, charts, and tables that help producers win scores of new customers every year.

‘Compared to What’ features Personal, Estate, and Charitable planning concepts. Corporate-sponsored plans, Investment Calculators, IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) plans coupled with Needs Analyses calculators are a few types of other fundamental illustrations available.  

Another top-selling product produced by InsMark is Wealthy and Wise®. This software maximizes the effectiveness of retirement, estate and charitable planning. It uses an InsMark concept called Good Logic vs. Bad Logic® as an analytical tool that considerably reduces the chance of running out of money in retirement. The software’s  solves (algorithms) are impossible to duplicate manually.

The software optimizes a client’s net worth and wealth to heirs simply by testing the best order a client should use when utilizing multiple assets to fulfill precise year-by-year financial goals. Using this software, you can test for the sustainability of cash flow goals, measure the impact of any strategy on pre-death net worth, and compare alternative wealth accumulation and distribution strategies – all with just a few clicks!

With the help of these two products and others created by the company, InsMark has been able to help more than 30,000 financial producers secure enormous success with their clients. The company came into being because its founder felt insurance companies’ data presentations were inadequate and needed severe upgrades.

Considering the success and attention InsMark has received, there is no doubt that it has accomplished its goal. 

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