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Opening a Movie Production Business 


22nd Jul 2020 Down to Business

Opening a Movie Production Business 

Dubai has plenty of opportunities for individuals who want to venture into the film industry. Once only known for its tourist attractions and towering skyscrapers, Dubai has now become a popular choice for filmmakers. Some blockbuster films such as Star Trek Beyond, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and Fast and Furious 7 were shot here.

Film industry growth in Dubai is being driven by the appetite for local content, population growth, and government incentives. Whether you want to open a studio, provide animation solutions, or offer editing services, Dubai is the place to go. Here’s what you need to do before establishing a film production company in Dubai.

Do Your Due Diligence

Every country has different policies, rules, culture, and attitudes. Making assumptions on these issues can cost you heavily. Although the UAE is a highly developed country, you still need to study the demographics, understand their preferences, learn what is tolerable, and what is sensitive to the populace. With this information, you will be in a better position to produce content that resonates with the audience and is widely received.

Scrutinize the Legal Aspects

To ensure your business is operating legally in every aspect, you need to be aware of all the laws that touch on your industry. Unfortunately, breaking down these laws by yourself is a tough process, and you may end up missing or misinterpreting some things. To avoid legal pitfalls, partner with a qualified expert that specializes in a company formation in Dubai.Such an expert will help you get all the necessary paperwork and set up your business legally.

Secure Film Financing

Financing a film is no easy feat since it requires vast amounts of resources. Fortunately, the UAE government offers generous incentives to filmmakers who want to produce films within their borders. They include tax benefits, rebates, and grants. Other funding options you should consider include pre-selling distribution rights, bank financing, and angel investors. Partnering with a professional corporate service provider can help you explore various funding options and find the right deal.

Forge Local Partnerships

The partnerships you forge will make or break your film production company. If you want to build a successful business, join hands with the right people. There are over 2000 film production companies in Dubai, and you can easily find local film experts who can help you navigate the local film industry. The best places to network include the Dubai International Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Film Festivals, and the Emirates Film Competition.

Wrapping Up

Dubai’s young cinema industry is witnessing a blossom, and exciting opportunities are opening up. There are government initiatives to support the industry, a ready market, little competition, and the films are starting to generate wider international attention. If you are a filmmaker, doing business in the UAE doesn’t have to be tough. To navigate legal hurdles, build a strong foundation, and set up your company for success, enlist the help of a local professional

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