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Making lives easier, international van lines, Inc


3rd Jun 2021 Down to Business

Busy schedules have become a part of everyday lives. Unemployed or employed, people always have something or the other on their day's list that they need to take care of.

Going to work daily, meeting deadlines, commuting on public transport, taking care of household necessities; all of these in 24-hours makes a person's life difficult. They become so exhausted that there is no extra energy left in them to do something else.

The tight schedule has taken over people’s minds and life so much that they have become dependent on different products and services to do their work. Hiring a maid to do all the house chores or a dog sitter to take care of the dog; are tasks that any person can easily perform but choose not to do because of shortage of time and unavailability. Another very popular service that people acquire is moving.


Moving is a hectic process that every person dreads. Nobody likes the hassle of emptying their house, loading their goods, and taking it to the other end of the city or to another country. So, to make people’s lives easier, moving companies takes this load off them and do all the work, and one of these companies is International Van Lines, Inc.

International Van Lines, Inc is a US-based moving company that covers long-distance, auto transport, and international relocations. Because of the nationwide warehouses, IVL supports pickups in almost every state in the US. The company was founded primarily in 2000 as International Moving and Logistics Company by Josh Morales, who now is its CEO. In 2004, Josh got the first truck to explore the local moving industry. He realized that there was a huge scope in the industry and plenty of space to work with, and so he diverted his attention towards it. He expanded his fleet and offered long-distance moving services.

Quality Is Not an Act; It Is a Habit

As Josh formerly worked for an international freight forwarder, he pointed out many flaws with their processes. He noticed that there was mismanagement with goods and a lack of good quality service. This instigated him to start his own business where quality would not be compromised.

Quality of the service was a priority for International Van Lines, Inc since day one. From trained professionals, high-quality packaging materials experienced porters to smoothly handled tasks; each operation by IVL depicts quality. Another crucial factor that adds value to their work is customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’ – Michael LeBoeuf

Agreeing with Michael LeBoeuf, International Van Lines prioritizes its customers. Every requirement and query are taken care of at the very first time, leaving no room for complaints. The company gains customer trust through its licenses and authorizations. They are well aware of the fact that people refrain from associating themselves with unauthorized services and products, which they flaunt their licenses. IVL possesses the DOT license of International Van Lines, which verifies their vehicles as carriers. It also maintains a broker authority and works with third parties for locations where it is not present. This moving coming also holds an NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) license with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), the governing agency for ocean freight transport. International Van Lines tries to maintain one of the best reputations in the moving industry and is considered one of the best moving companies.

International Van Lines comprehends that moving is not an easy task, and many mishaps can happen on the site. From delays to damages to overages, anything can possibly go wrong. IVL takes full responsibility for all the operations it needs to carry out in order to transport all goods. Every issue is fixed right away so that the customers receive the best service.

Maintaining a Large Network

It is said that the larger the circle, the more responsibility to please people. Similar is the case with International Van Lines, Inc. The company has over 200 employees and customers all over America and other countries. Managing such a large amount of consumers and staff becomes overwhelming, but professionals at IVL handle each situation gracefully. The large network of customers demands the availability of services at all times. The ability to cater to the needs of customers as per their likings is a tough job that the team takes care of in an expert manner. International Van Lines handles an average of 10,000 relocations per year. Long-distance moving makes up about eighty percent of the moves they transport annually.

The company has received recognition for  Move.org and Consumer Affairs's outstanding services as they had ranked IVL as number one. It has also has been featured in Sun-Sentinel and USA Today as one of the best moving companies. Today, IVL is counted as one of the US's top moving companies and is blindly trusted by many customers nationwide.

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