Introduction of infographic survey on marketers working from home

No company would ever allow its employees to work from the comfort of their homes. However, these difficult times brought by the pandemic have changed a lot of things that once seemed impossible. Many employees were worried about how they will do their jobs from home, and employers were even more worried about how they will get the jobs done.

As difficult as it seemed at the beginning, we all found it was not as challenging to adapt as we had thought. While millions who lost their jobs are in grief, others working from home felt grateful to have a source of income, which could be a factor that encouraged them to counter all challenges easily.

A survey was conducted on the performance of marketing professionals during this lockdown. While many companies had found a solution called Marketing Project Management Software to ensure success of this change, the goal was to see if and how it affected their performance. It included questions about meeting deadlines, benefits and challenges, and their feedback on working from home.

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