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Influential women in blockchain tech


10th Aug 2020 Down to Business

Influential women in blockchain tech

There are many women involved throughout the entire operation and implementation of blockchain technology. Over the years, these women have done incredibly well and established themselves, but did not get much recognition. Mentioned below is a list of the most influential women in the cryptocurrency sector.

Linda Xie

Scalar Capital’s co-founder, Linda Xie, runs a crypto-asset investment firm. Given her popularity across the globe, it is no surprise that her Twitter account has over 55,400 followers. In the year 2014, Linda delved in the cryptocurrency world for the first time while she was still working at Coinbase as the product manager. In the year 2011, she first got interested when she understood that any government cannot control cryptocurrency, and no one can take it away.

Sally Eaves

The name Sally Eaves is trendy in the blockchain sector. She serves as the CIO at Intrapreneur International and CTO at MindFit. Also, the Strategic Management Board for TeamBlockchain has elected her as one of the members, and she works in numerous consultancy projects. Besides that, she is an event speaker and a very known author who has more than 50 publications in education and technology.

Laura Shin

Shin is a crypto-journalist who works independently and hosts podcasts. Besides that, Shin worked as the senior editor at Forbes, whose focus was on crypto and blockchain articles. Her extensive knowledge about the crypto space and blockchain sector allows her to play a vital role in the industry. This made her one of the most influential women of the cryptosphere.

Meltem Demirors

CoinShares’s chief strategy officer, Meltem Demirors, is a crypto investor and digital asset manager. Her experience in blockchain-based finance and legacy and cryptocurrencies is unmatched. Previously, she was the Digital Currency Group’s vice president and managed more than 100 investment organizations in the crypto and blockchain space. At MIT Media Lab and Oxford University, she is a guest lecturer and teaches various things related to blockchain.

Elizabeth Stark

The entrepreneur is a blockchain educator as well. Besides collaborating with many established organizations like Mozilla and Google, Stark is a mentor of the Thiel Fellowship. Previously, she was a professor at Stanford and Yale. The courses she taught included privacy technology and peer-to-peer, open-source software. Currently, she is the Lightning Labs’s co-founder and a Bitcoin community member. Her twitter account has nearly 92,300 followers.

Tiffany Hayden

One of the most famous influencers of all time is Tiffany Hayden. She is the biggest supporter and fan of Ripple. In the year 2014, Hayden launched a mobile payment platform known as Cashier. Besides being an independent adviser, Hayden is trying to focus on helping organizations and professionals who belong to the finance sector to understand the blockchain technology better and implement it.

Preethi Kasireddy

Preethi Kasireddy is the CEO and founder of TruStory. It is a platform that focuses on validating user claims made in the blockchain sector. Besides being a very successful software engineer, Kasireddy is an avid learner as well. Her passion reflects how she taught herself to code, and her will to build products using software to make the world a better place. Further, Preethi has worked at Coinbase. Her job was to rebuild and architect Coinbase’s front-end in React.js. Besides spending time coding, she writes blogs where she talks about various aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency and spreads her knowledge to the world.

Amber Baldet

A board member of Zcash, Amber Baldet is the CEO and co-founder of Clovyr as well. Her organization focuses on building tools that help to collect data more smartly and securely. Amber Baldet led previous, JP Morgan’s Blockchain Centre of Excellence. She has immensely known for her knowledge of blockchain technology within the financial sector and beyond.

Neha Narula

At MIT Media Lab, Neha Narula is the director of digital currency. Her main aim is to focus on researching and promoting blockchain technology. Besides that, she is a World Economic Forum’s Global Futures member as well. After doing her Ph.D. in computer science from MIT, she was Google’s senior software engineer.

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