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How To Get More Followers On Instagram (2021 Guide)


2nd Nov 2020 Down to Business

How To Get More Followers On Instagram (2021 Guide)

Instagram is a powerful and popular social media platform that pays attention to the number of followers you have. Once you have established yourself as a popular account your account will naturally grow and increase its presence on the platform.

The main reason why Instagram has increased in presence online is due to how many brands increase their social presence through this platform. By having more followers you can drive more traffic to your page, which increases potential sales, increases conversations with customers and fans of your product, and can build an engaged audience of followers. 


If you are looking to increase your Instagram presence you can follow a select few strategies for obtaining real, organic followers on Instagram. By having more followers your audience naturally expands, which drives more traffic to your account. Because of more traffic, you can engage with more users and create unique experiences for and with them.

You need to remember that the amount of Instagram followers you have means nothing if you do not represent an engaged following that makes purchases, visits your landing pages, advocates for your brands through your friends and followers. You need to start building and expanding your Instagram presence immediately. There are services out there that allow you to buy Instagram followers (such as Buzzoid.com), but we’ll talk about the organic methods.

Follow these 12 tips for getting more Instagram followers; you will appreciate all of the important advice. 

12 Tips for Getting More Followers on Instagram

Tip 1 Optimize your Instagram Account

By optimizing your Instagram account and Instagram profile you are clearly labeling and distinguishing yourself from other competing brands and similar people that operate within your shared space. This allows you to attract your target audience. Before you start trying to increase your followers you need to have your account fully optimized through quality content. 

Your Instagram biography is the "homepage" of your brand's appeal to your account. If you do not have a working and comprehensive biography then your potential followers will not understand your overall message or brand.

Your bio requires image captions, a proper username, or profile image that helps your followers navigate throughout your page. On Instagram, your bio is extremely valuable because it develops a first impression for your followers to understand and build a relationship with. 

Your overall brand identity lies with your first impression, which starts at your bio. The link in your bio is the one spot you can drive Instagram traffic to your site, therefore optimizing your account is essential for the growth of your Instagram account to attract new followers and retain the followers you already have. To attract more followers to your account, you can buy Instagram story likes.

Optimization Matters Explained

If you do not know how or where to link your product page you can try referencing marketing or product pages through a clickable link that curates similar related keywords, Hashtags, or campaigns to give you guidance and inspiration for your Instagram account. 

Your goal should be to give your followers an experience they cannot find anywhere else. This is why an Instagram landing page that has relevant links is helping to organically build your Instagram followers and brand loyalty. 

Another suggestion is to keep your username as easy to search as possible. This means sticking close to your brand name and shortening the username so your audience can recognize it. Try to keep your usernames similar to one another therefore all of your social media accounts have a flow to one another while promoting a call to action.

Tip 2 Maintain a Consistent Content Calendar

Once you have optimized your account you need your followers engaged with your account and brand. Therefore you need to post regularly and consistently so your followers can rely on a steady stream of content that is current and relatable. 

You do not want your followers to forget about your account, therefore you need a regular posting schedule. To avoid spamming, you should not post more than a few times a day. To increase your chances of reaching new followers you should post a different time throughout the day to increase your brand visibility. 

By sticking to a consistent schedule increases brand loyalty and helps your followers to rely on a shared experience with your account because they know what to expect.

Tip 3 Post Interesting and Relevant Photos

Along with having a consistent schedule you should not forget to post appealing content. Your photos do the selling for your brand. Photography is an art that is a great marketing tool that sells your message, goal, and brand identity. 

Taking quality photos is a necessary skill for increasing your online presence for Instagram. You can take a photography course to level up your skills or you can reach out to freelance photographers to use their necessary skills. 

By achieving a high-quality photo with fun emojis that increases the engagement rate for followers. You are not only selling an idea but a promise. Your photo proves that your idea exists and therefore it must adequately and accurately represent your brand through a follow button. 

Tip 4 Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

Instagram uses a complex algorithm to help content creators attract new followers and increase the visibility of their content. Therefore you need to post at optimum times to have your posts receive the highest possible visibility to increase potential followers and engagement.

Your Instagram account can increase its visibility by having scheduled Instagram content. This is a tool that helps your brand maintain its schedule that is easy to navigate and organize. By scheduling your content in advance you can organize and layout specific campaigns and schedules more effectively. 

It is a better use of your time when you can build your content in advance. Because of this necessary tool, you can increase the reach of your audience and maintain a consistent flow of content simultaneously.

Tip 5 Discover who your audience is

To help expand your audience you should first know who you are trying to reach. What does your follower like to do, where do they go, what makes them happy and how can you improve their experience in any of these areas? 

Once you answer these questions you should have an idea of the direction your brand should go and once you do you can begin marketing towards that goal. Once you know who your audience is you can help them become who they want to by using an influencer marketing tool that is proven through the Instagram algorithm and Instagram app that your followers will follow.

Tip 6 Obtain Partners and Brand Advocates to Post your Content

When you are learning how to expand your Instagram followers you need to know their values. Your Instagram bio should reflect what you expect from your followers. When your follower count increases organically the likelihood of obtaining more buyers and interested customers also increases.

The best way you can get more customers to follow you is to get in front of them and help show them what they want by sharing and influencing their values. Because you need to be an active participant with your Instagram account you should try sponsoring user-generated content to get your brand into customers’ Instagram feeds. 

You can also host Instagram contents to expand your brand awareness with a larger audience. You can use Instagram marketing throughout your Instagram page by using relevant markets, marketers that grow new audiences by using live videos. This is a great marketing campaign that helps to naturally build brand awareness because you are showing your fans that you are invested in their time and are choosing to reward their loyalty. 

Why Collaborations are Helpful

You can also build your audience by working with larger Instagram accounts in your shared industry. The most common way to bridge this gap is through influences. By connecting with an influencer you can increase your followers by sharing your content with the influencers’ audience. 

Always keep in mind that your content has to offer valuable experience. Do not waste your follower's time with just pitching a sale of your product; you should collaborate with similar accounts to build your audience through a shared experience.

Tip 7 Use Hashtags in your Stories and Bio

Hashtags are great marketing tools that help spread awareness of your account and brand. Hashtags are a free way to expand your reach to new fans. You can hide Hashtags in stories to help make this appear more natural and part of the experience of following your account. 

Do not forget to utilize these helpful tools because they are fast and easy to use that help spread your brand information. You should use hashtags regularly that are trending and do not promote your followers to unfollow your account. You can also incorporate stickers with your content to increase followers through relevant hashtags regularly. 

Tip 8 Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

Another vital component to growing your Instagram account is preventing fake or legitimate followers from compromising your account. The automation of fake bots is not helpful for your business account. If you purchase fake followers this has many potential side effects to your account. This practice lies to your new followers. 

If your users become inactive on your feed. it will lower the credibility of the account of your business account with other users. Do not trick people into following you. You need to naturally build trust and long-lasting relationships to improve the engagement of your brand and its quality. 

Purchasing a robot account or unmanned new followers will not increase the sales of your business profile. People follow brands for a specific reason, they like what you are posting whether that is the overall message of the company or the CEO. If you really have to purchase your followers or likes, use reliable vendors like Buzzoid. For example, when you buy Instagram likes from them, your likes are 100% real people.

Fake Followers is a Problem Explained

Your brand identity on your Instagram account has value, which includes monetary value as well. If you have over 10,000 fake followers they are not going to comment, share, or like your content. Therefore, their overall significance to your account is unsubstantial and creates more harm than good. 

Real followers can like, share, comment, and engage with your account and other followers when they enjoy your Instagram posts. These dedicated followers respond to your content, which increases its value.

When you take the time to organically build your Instagram account you will encourage your users to return to your page, they will then share with others when they have an enjoyable and positive experience. These natural interactions always have more value than fake ones. 

Tip 9 Show your Instagram Everywhere

You should always be working on showing your Instagram to all sorts of sites and demographics that drive traffic. By creating more visibility for your brand helps promote awareness with the general public. This is how people can discover your brand and lets people know how to reach you. 

You should incorporate social media buttons and links on your website and blog to help promote social shares across all of your networks. You can also cross-promote on your social media accounts to direct more users to your Instagram account.

Make sure you are not only asking for a follow. You should be simultaneously promoting your unique content and its valuable experience to potential followers. You need to give users a reason to want to follow you, appearing desperate for a follow makes you seem like a robot that has no soul. 

You want to build a genuine connection with your followers, which is why hosting creative content is the best way to go. You can host Instagram contests that improve follower growth with high-quality Instagram captions. 

Tip 10 Write Exceptional Captions

This may appear easy to do, but many Instagram accounts lack witty and clear captions that draw in followers. You first need a caption that instantly reflects your brand. You can alternate between long or short captions. Along with fun captions, you should also use specific hashtags that are the type of content you will want to have. 

To persuade and move your followers you do not need a lengthy explanation. Make sure your caption gets to the point but has something to say that is relevant and applicable to your overall brand identity.

You can also have Instagram ads to promote the value of your Instagram live and Instagram influencer talent. Along with high-quality captions, you can increase the number of followers through fun new memes and related new content. By posting content with exceptional captions you can connect with real people, which is a great Instagram strategy that uses fun captions and Instagram photos. 

Tip 11 Post Content your Followers want

This suggestion may seem obvious, but you need to know who your followers are and decide which content is relatable and useful for them. Some Instagram accounts perform better than others, this is because they can detect what their audience enjoys. 

You can choose the content through your filters, captions, content types, post times which can make a substantial difference in how you attract new followers.

You should always be monitoring the trends in your specific industry and the tech industry as a whole. Because you are keeping yourself up to date on all of the latest trends you are always posting valuable and popular content for your followers and potential followers. 

You should invest in Instagram analytics tools to help you track, benchmark, and analyze all of your Instagram content across all of your accounts. This is a helpful tool that improves your chances of reaching a wider audience.

How to use an Analytics Tool

You can use this Instagram analytics tool by analyzing the different filters, captions, and other various features to see what works best with your audience. You can always gauge what is useful by seeing what your competitors use for their accounts.

You should avoid direct copying of your competitors, but you can take diligent notes and observe their responses to specific trends. See how they drive the engagement on their Instagram account. By taking the time to research other similar brands you can increase the engagement with your followers.

Your top posts are easy to see through these analytics tools. Your top posts should be a priority for you to repost to other similar accounts. Social media marketing is an essential strategy you should learn to use to the best of your ability. 

Tip 12 Start the Conversation

This tip relies on you to drive the conversation. Your Instagram stories are vital to increasing your Instagram followers and Instagram users. You are the captain of this ship and by conversing with your followers you can build a natural rapport through shared photos, videos, and text posts. These are great ways to share your own experience with using your brand or why you value your brand. 

Instagram is a great social network platform for using eye-catching visuals. You can improve your profile by providing high-quality visuals that engage your followers that demand a direct response. Instagram is a great starting point for contacting accounts. 

Contacting accounts to ask questions, discussions, or commenting on a brand's products. Your job is to be supportive through your communication that is both consistent and reliable. Your interaction drives your followers to remain involved.

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