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From tropical beach to concrete jungle: Sri Lankan entrepreneur in London offers the best WordPress hosting control panel to support bloggers


11th May 2021 Down to Business

From tropical beach to concrete jungle: Sri Lankan entrepreneur in London offers the best WordPress hosting control panel to support bloggers

Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond got into blogging with WordPress when he swapped dream holiday destination Sri Lanka for business central in Canary Wharf.


He was looking for a change to live a more free and self-governed life and was inspired by digital nomads and bloggers sharing their adventures online. So, he learned all about WordPress, the most widely used open-source content management system with roughly 500+ new sites being built daily, as he realised its potential.

How WordPress Blogging and SEO turned into an Online Business

Fernando began to offer WordPress Training Courses while building his own WordPress Blogs and teaching himself SEO and digital marketing skills.

As he managed to rank his WordPress websites and blogs well on search engines, enquiries came in and he set up his first internet business, the SEO agency ClickDo Ltd. in 2013.

He hired web designers, SEO, and marketing staff to help his clients have incredibly effective WordPress business websites that gave them the return they were looking for. While his SEO online business grew, more of his business customers asked him about business web hosting and WordPress hosting, which made him realise that he could easily link web design and WordPress training with web hosting to offer additional services. With the revenue from ClickDo he set up his next home business in 2018, the web hosting company SeekaHost.

Ever since, Fernando and the SeekaHost Team have been on a mission to help 100 million people get online. He is convinced that every single person should have a website, no matter the purpose. That is why he passionately cares about offering web solutions for blogging or WordPress beginners to make starting a website as easy as possible.

Helping more People get online with a unique WP Hosting Control Panel Solution

In the last three years, Fernando and his team have expanded their services by offering various types of web hosting such as affordable WordPress Hosting in the UK and UK Minecraft server hosting. As a regular blogger himself, Fernando felt that hosting control panels such as cPanel or Plesk did not make blogging as easy as it could be.

So, the SeekaHost Team have designed the first ever WordPress hosting control panel with multiple IP addresses for domain hosting, allowing anyone to host a domain and get online with a WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds.

This innovative blog hosting services solution gives blogging or WordPress beginners access to a hosting manager tool that enables a quick website set-up while being able to track website data with one click to manage the website’s performance with analytics tools all in one place.

Fernando describes his mission with his unique SeekaHost App as follows:


“Many bloggers and SeekaHost University students I talk to encounter the same drawback: the technicality of setting up, managing, and running a blog or website, let alone several. We have created many guides, tutorials, and support materials like online courses to help with this. I want to provide technical solutions that make the whole process of setting up a blog or website as simple and affordable as possible. I believe that every person should have a website to showcase their portfolio, talents or passions.”

Based on this mission, the digital marketing training platform SeekaHost University emerged too, offering expert digital marketing courses and tutorials so that everyone can learn the skills to get online successfully.

A WordPress Blog can be a Life-Changing Catalyst

Fernando can now work from any beach or any high-rise building he wants to, thanks to the laptop and digital nomad lifestyle and the freedom of working remotely that WordPress Blogging has enabled him to achieve.

The same applies to his ClickDo and SeekaHost staff. In his experience disciplined remote workers are more efficient, enjoy more freedom and flexibility, have a better life/work balance, and have fewer expenses such as travel cost, which offers a higher ROI.

Fernando practices yoga and meditation daily and shares this on his social media channels to inspire more people to get into blogging or discover other internet work or business opportunities for themselves.

He knows it all starts with a website and because his digital enterprises have liberated him from doing jobs he never wanted to do, he advises everyone to familiarise themselves with digital skills that are in growing demand as many more career opportunities arise in the world wide web.

Starting his first WordPress Blog was an important steppingstone on Fernando’s journey to live the life he envisioned, managing his business operations remotely while traveling, meditating, and doing the things he loves. He is confident that with the SeekaHost Control Panel it will be too for many more.

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