Fast rising Norwegian-Iranian entrepreneur looking to make an even larger impact

Sam Farao is one of the most determined and goal-oriented entrepreneurs we've seen in a long time, and it's helping him rise above the competition.

A business is only going to grow as large as their founder will allow, so it's important to approach building your brand properly from the very beginning. Only the most successful entrepreneurs around will blend innovative solutions and crafty marketing to fill the void in any given marketplace, and Sam Farao has accomplished that.

Troubled years helped shape his future

Born in Voss, Norway in the year 1988, Sam knew he was destined for greatness almost immediately. His parents fled Iran after the Iranian revolution, which means he has seen some trying times in his life – and yet this hasn't stopped him from becoming one of our generations brightest online entrepreneurial minds. After moving to Oslo around the age of 2, Sam was thrown into yet another tough situation after his dad started to drink more. His parents were divorced by the time he was 8-years old, and he has even said himself that the divorce came “too late”. Sam didn't grow up with much, and after the divorce, Sam and his mother were moved into a 35-square meter studio apartment.

After asking his mother several times whether they were poor or not, he finally began to understand that he wasn't living the same lifestyle as everybody else. The future didn't look bright for young Sam Farao, and the situation he was dealing with at home just made him even shyer and reserved; this made him an easy target for bullies, which just added to the stress of his young life.

In his teenage year, Sam was met with even more roadblocks in life. He spent a lot of his time getting into trouble and hanging around with gangs, which resulted in him being committed to child welfare institutions around Norway. Even though Sam was dealing with all of these issues in his youth, he still had a positive mindset – he knew deep down inside that he was going to make it, no matter what.

Sam has even said that his stay in the institutions helped shape his future for the better, and he uses it daily as fuel to run a successful business. After going through a 3-week military training course in one of the institutions, including miles of walking and a lack of social activities, Sam saw a much clearer picture of what he wanted in life.

Although there was a lot to deal with, Sam “doesn't regret anything”. It helped him become a better man and an even better entrepreneur. “I never regret any of my past actions, I truly believe that makes you the person you are today,” said Sam Farao.

School isn't a necessity for talented, young minds

Sam Farao is a firm believer in the fact that those who are meant to succeed will do so, regardless of their circumstances. School is irrelevant in his mind, as he believes it to be “globally outdated”. As another famous entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk would say, the modern school system is just built on memorization of information. Sam believes that it's pointless because we have access to all of the information we could ever need in these modern times, most of which can be accessed using a smartphone.

The periodic table no longer applies, and math can be handled by calculators. Siri or Alexa can handle almost anything you would need when it comes to a mathematical equation, so what's the real reason behind spending copious amounts of money on school?

Sam understands that those who are seeking “educated roles” like a Doctor or Lawyer will need school, but he knows there are other ways to make just as much money (without the financial pressure of going to school).

Farao says that parents are worried their children will need an education to fall back on in tough times, but most of the candidates who have a degree end up not getting the job anyway. You've got to take matters into your own hands and create your destiny, which is precisely what Sam Farao did for himself.

Years of entrepreneurial success, and a bright future

Sam Farao is not new to the entrepreneurial process, as he began to dropship when he was still in high-school. After dabbling in that for a bit, he transitioned over to a more traditional business model with “Oslo Hair” in 2011. He was responsible for the marketing and administration at that company, and it's now known as the top-rated hair salon in all of Norway.

Never letting up, Sam Farao made another transition over to the media landscape with “ Netpixel Media” in 2015. He went into partnership with one of the largest newspapers in Norway ( during this endeavour, which helped him garner even more entrepreneur experience. He wasn't satisfied with just one area of business, and felt the need to expand into more affiliate websites – he created several websites within the payday loan niche, then “ranked and banked” them! Mastering SEO allowed him to rank the websites with ease and sell them off for a hefty price, adding to his list of skills as an entrepreneur.

Sam is operating the best-ranked loan comparison website in Norway called under the Banqr AS entity. Another great project of his was “”, which was recently sold for 7 figures!

What's next for Sam Farao?

Since he was having success in all of his previous projects, Sam felt like diving into a new industry using the CBD oil brand called “Nutra CBD”. Sam is also a prominent believer in giving back to the community, which is why he's currently developing a non-profit organization that will support the causes held closest to his heart!

If the past is any sort of example, we can expect Sam Farao to build a successful CBD oil company and flourish while providing one of the most beneficial products we've come to know.

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